The continued efforts of Oblivious the UNQUALIFIED ONE [please see: https://worldwidewaco.wordpress.com/wall-street-banker-atm-presidential-pimps/%5D to PROVE beyond doubt and at unity with a moral certainty that he in FACT LIED during the primaries regarding his doublespeak on NAFTA- telling Ohioans one thing and his coterie of global elitists another by pursuing what some have termed ‘NAFTA on steroids’ [please see http://www.thenation.com/article/168627/nafta-steroids#%5D require constant re-visitation for the cute and clever OBLIVIOUS knows what all the servants of satan the father of all lies knows…until it is accomplished no one can prove that you are actually making a body dead, and once it is dead then it is too late…HA HA HA….they are such geniuses its supercadrafradralicious genuis…so fa la la la la…and it is a 6 year arc and still denials that he LIED…so I will continue to revisit this issue until even the most diehard black supremacists imbecile obamabot finally speaks the truth and acknowledges that he LIED and does so by retreating to the terra dubious of “WELL BUSH DID IT TOO”….thanks soooooo much for the change…NOT!

Copy of an email I recently sent to an individual I met at the Union Pub while watching the last qrtr of the BRONCO game on SNF (following will be the content attached that was also sent with links to the other absent items posted on my blog already elsewhere):

EMAIL Dec 3 2014:

Hey I’m the BRONCO fan that met you and your friend at the Union Station Pub during Sunday Night Football

Sometimes I try to provide too much info to people and don’t finish a thought setting the background.I was going to mention two things that I never got around to during our dialogue one was about commodity exchanges and how the corporofacists had set up an unregulated commodity exchange in oil and that it was not a ‘futures bet’ but a sure thing since they were controlling events that ‘created scarcity’ at will ensuring that prices would be controlled as much as they are controlling the commodity and all areas where that commodity is produced. See BOEM to Offer 21 Million Acres in the Gulf of Mexico for Oil and Gas Development [See Hurricane aftermath in New Orleans- 1/5th US Domestic energy production is sourced off the gulf coast of Louisiana/ 5 Geographic Areas in the US contain 76% of ALL proven domestic Crude Oil & Lease condensate and of those 16 962 000 000 Barrels (of the  22.3 Billion Barrel Total)
4 007 000 000 Barrels are located offshore of Louisiana in the Gulf- representing almost 25% and there are large natural gas deposits located there as well/ See Ron Suskind’s Book the ‘Price of Loyalty’ where the diving up of Iraqi oil fields took place long before 911 and the invasion of Iraq was discussed 10 days after Bush’s inauguration/ See unsustainable development of oil & natural gas resources- Tar Sands extraction/Fracking (Project Plowshares)etc. = essentially a correlation exists between regions of instability through mans direct plans of action and/or inaction AND these natural resources].I am including my doctrine regarding a foundation upon which to re-engage the ‘AMERICAN SYSTEM’ for real, it is a monetary policy that can establish a context within which and a platform upon which peace efforts can be engaged, peace can be established and once made manifest- maintained…so there are afterwords included where I placed my comments to someone who had questions about the proposal in which I had to address banking & other issues…so I will leave what I was going to say there as I am happy with the efficiency of what I wrote down for others to read and understand my idea.the second thing was to finish my argument regarding CHINA…I had set out how when people become evil they become stupid…as individuals and as a society…that is a key element to understand. So I believe that the Chinese will take advantage of that stupidity which they are presently doing.Factors I am concerned about & that give an explanation of my position on China:1. First off people should recognize that there is an arrow that only has TWO directions…MacClinton & Heil Hitlery Lady MacClinton and to a lesser extent Oblivious believe that the arrow has 3 degrees of freedom and consequently an infinite number of directions, this arises from their being evil (and stupid thereby)…magnitude and direction are SEPARATE elements and they conflate them to confuse themselves into believing that their are in fact infinite directions. FALSE.

Justice IS or IS NOT
Morality IS or IS NOT

every thought and every action is quantifiable as either a JUST/MORAL thought/action or NOT
There is NO GREY AREA HERE. The main strategizing that the deniers of christ engage in is establishing methods and ways to dress harm up as help…even if it isn’t convincing…as long as they & their traitor slaves can hang their hats on that self rationalization and self justification they can commit the most egregious acts and say they are doing it for GOD, or to help…when all the while they are just screwing someone. They gear people, society, the fake churches and even on an individual basis the real and actual church along with governments to their service to satan the father of all lies and to their anti-purposes of killing christ and an individual persons calling to snuff out that light. That is why the founders were so smart…to NOT establish government as their first action…we do NOT live in a government, and thus FORM was very important to them…FIRST they established the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE…which established the foundation upon which the individual, society, the church & government rest: THE DECLARATIVE AXIOM, as I term it in my legal work…and ONLY THEN did they establish the constitution of GOVERNMENT AND after that- ONLY THEN did they establish the first of the GOD given RIGHTS defining the limiting locus on government powers so ceded properly by the individual people at constitution of government…aka: The bill of rights…a firewall against government incursion and infringement upon the GOD given rights of the people and the reserved powers of the people and the states….FACT!

So ALL power gov’t has is SPECIFICALLY DEFINED AND ARTICULATED…AND LIMITED. There is NOTHING undefined or UNKNOWN when it comes to government power & therefore government action and thus even if you do NOT believe in the universality of:

Justice IS or IS NOT
Morality IS or IS NOT
every thought and every action is quantifiable as either a JUST/MORAL thought/action or NOT

IT IS FACT BEYOND DEBATE that in regard to government action this is ABSOLUTE…for either gov’t is exercising PROPER powers defined, consented to, and limited by GOD GIVEN RIGHTS of the individual people and the constitutional restraint on government power OR IT IS NOT and for ALL true & REAL Americans that IS a MORAL/JUST position that is either/or…inaction in such a circumstance is also therefore a just/moral act/inaction

SO in regard to foreign policy it is NO DIFFERENT that this universal principle for it IS the government exercise of power. The arrow is pointed in one of two directions…moral/just or immoral/unjust…FACT!

In order to help a people oppressed by HARD LINERS in their country who have established tyranny you begin by engaging the hard liners and bargaining: if you want economic prosperity, markets, trade etc then show us some human rights…the HARD LINERS then get some moderate that they can use as a puppet and they sit back and reap the rewards and laugh at us…over time though these moderate puppets eventually become the majority and then it is the HARD LINERS who are marginalized and the people then become free.

Now maybe you engage maybe you don’t, maybe they accept your invitation to engage maybe they don’t…BUT THAT ARROW is still pointed in one of TWO possible directions REGARDLESS of the infinite spectrum in magnitude associated with those two directions…essentially you can reduce this to the concepts of: HELP & HARM

are you helping the HARDLINERS or are you HELPING the people who want to be free
are you playing with that and exploiting it…like today where we aid & abet the tyrants openly, and all over the globe in the Middle East, South America, Asia & Africa we actually remove GOOD LEADERS and REPLACE them with DICTATORS.

So, if you consider history you will see that this is the TRUTH even before the founders established the United States…it is because of the universality of:

Justice IS or IS NOT
Morality IS or IS NOT
every thought and every action is quantifiable as either a JUST/MORAL thought/action or NOT
we call this universality the TRUTH.

So that is important to understand because the arrow is in the wrong direction and we are helping the hardliners be hardliners and we are harming everyone who seeks to live free in China at present and that exploitation was planned and is per-meditated, which is yet another in the LONG list of reasons- I call our present policy: a policy most foreign, rather than a foreign policy.

2. Do you believe the evil/stupid people when they talk about a ‘new world order’ and a ‘global village’- which is the same one world globalist elitist TYRANNICAL police state and empire every dictator tries to establish over earth throughout the ages…seriously you can’t get ten people in a room to agree what to eat for lunch but the whole world is going to be one happy village, one whole order….sure ok then….it’s all just to transfer power wealth & resources from the individual people to the jews and their elitist traitor slaves…FACT!

Hopefully anyone so stupid to believe phrases like “New World Order” and “Global Village” are anything other than such malignant cancers disguised in PR terms to sell the SAME historical TYRANNY we have seen ad infinitum ad nauseaum…IS NOT supposed to be heeded by anyone or given the privilege to exercise power…EVER…sad to say it seems that is not the case today…observe the geopolitical landscape!

So, CHINA like israel is a FOREIGN NATION STATE that is fighting for resources and its own perpetuation just like every other Nation-State including the United States that at the moment is police state and empire and NOT what we are supposed to be: a sometime Goodly Republic with full & unfettered manifestations of democracy. They are NOT our friends…no NATION-STATE is any other Nation-States friends…FACT! and for that I will rely upon Washington and cite his farewell speech as he left the Presidency. [READ HERE: http://avalon.law.yale.edu/18th_century/washing.asp%5D

If you call to mind the opium wars and the BRITISH EMPIRES’ approach to engagement with China that had NO desire to trade with the west then maybe you are not too uninformed to realize that IF EVER china could have people in the west making flip-flops for a bowl of rice a day…THEY WILL DO IT…they will plan for it they will implement those plans and yes if we are evil & stupid then those plans will succeed…FACT! another nation-state consigned to the junk bins of history. Here is an example of what I mean…

(i) CHINA end of 2012: OF THE ESTIMATED $3.3 trillion reserve they have $1 980 000 000 000 US DOLLARS IN HAND (that would be 1 trillion 980 billion dollars…or the equivalent of 11.7% GDP of the TOTAL 2013 GDP of the United States= $16 800 000 000 000…the composition of foreign exchange reserves is presently regarded as a state secret in the People’s Republic of China. All financial records pertaining to the foreign exchange reserve have been poorly documented. The official sources elaborate that US dollar holdings make up 60% of the reserve. An unofficial spokesperson considered that the US dollar asset accounts represent 70% of the reserve[$2 310 000 000 000 or 13.75% of the 2013 TOTAL US GDP] as the Japanese yen takes up about a 10% portion, while the Euro and the British pound occupy the rest.

NOW consider that as of October 1, 2014, $1.29 trillion US Dollars were in circulation (1.25 trillion of that in Federal Reserve notes)… IN OTHER WORDS CHINA CURRENTLY HAS IN THEIR PRESENT RESERVES MORE US DOLLARS THAN ARE THE SUM OF ALL THE DOLLARS CURRENTLY IN CIRCULATION HERE IN THE US…fact!

(ii) Germany is reportedly repatriating gold it has stashed with the New York Fed and the Bank of France, and some policymakers want to bring back all their gold in case the financial crisis worsens.

(iii) The World Gold Council estimates that central banks have purchased 500 tons of gold in 2012, up from 465 tons last year. Analysts attribute some of the support in gold prices to these central bank gold purchases.

#1 United States- Official gold holdings: 8,133.5 tonnes (76.3% FOREIGN RESERVES IN GOLD)
The U.S. had its largest gold reserves in volume terms in 1952, when reserves totaled 20,663 tonnes. Holdings first fell below the 10K mark in 1968.

#5 China Official gold holdings: 1,054.1 tonnes (1.7% FOREIGN RESERVES IN GOLD)
Gold still accounts for a very small percent of China’s $3.2 trillion in foreign exchange reserves, compared with the international average of 10 percent.

LAST TIME price of gold was $299/oz: Throughout Jan-April 2002 Gold was fluctuating around the $300/ounce mark and hit $299.00 US/oz
Feb   5-7
March 27-29
April 7-9
APRIL 16th-17th 2002 last time gold at $299/oz
Sept 5-9 & 13th 2004 last time gold at $399/oz

On July 17-21 2011 the price was fluctuating around 1600/ounce
THEN on July 22nd above $1600…Sept 25-27 hit $1600 briefly and again on Oct 5th but closed at $1620
THE HIGH at $1900/oz was reached on Sept 5-6 2011 on the 6th & 7th price drops from $1900 to $1800 (?correlate large drops with fed issue of naked shorts?)
Until on Dec 13 2011 again the price drops below 1600 and presently Dec 2 2014 AM price is at $1200- $1195/ounce

So how come the Chinese did not invest there massive amounts of US dollars in GOLD in 2002 ans within LESS than a DECADE they could have QUINTUPLED THEIR INVESTMENT…again the US had 8 000 tons of gold down more than 12 000 tons from historical highs when we were still on the gold standard…China has 1 000 tons

…maybe the Chinese value US dollars more than GOLD because it is a weapon!

3. http://www.kitco.com/ind/AuthenticMoney/20120601.html
China, Japan to Use Yen, Yuan and Not the USD
Friday June 01, 2012 09:29
The US system is now TOTALLY reliant on FOREIGN NATION STATES holding and valuing the US Dollar, ‘stability’ of that system is founded ENTIRELY upon the foreign Nation States of the world USING THE US DOLLAR AS THE RESERVE CURRENCY IN TRADE AMONGST THEMSELVES AND US.

Now taking all of the above into consideration if China could influence the United States to adopt an AMERO like the EURO as contingent on retaining world reserve currency status then would the people in the United States go along with it-especially if economic hardship was used so that ordinary people and the democrats with their union jobs backers and republicans with their corporofacist backers all clamoured for jobs jobs jobs as a precursor to make it seem feasible and make it happen…and is the XL PIPELINE IN FACT the first manifestations of the NORTH AMERICAN UNION that the ‘global villagers’ and ‘new world order’ people have planned?!!? In other terms was the OBSERVATION of the american people’s ‘ORWELLIAN DOUBLE THINK’ capacity demonstrated in their compliance, submission and  willingness to forget that liberty = freedom in the wake of REICHSTAG911 where a successful arguement has been made that you must give up certain freedoms in order to maintain your liberty: aka to be secure you must give up some of your freedoms A LITMUS TEST to alert the ignorant imbeciles intent on their ‘new world order’/ ‘global village’ = global police state and empire of corporofacists serving the jews and their traitor slave elitists…that the people if placed under duress would now be primed for the introduction of the NORTH AMERICAN UNION and end of the constitution of these United States of America?

Do the traitors in office who aided and abetted REICHSTAG911 before during and after the fact EVEN REQUIRE any such pressure from CHINA…certainly if CHINA could bring about such circumstances that would definitely be an opportunity to use their influence to help destroy the United States…FACT

Now when it comes to this stuff it isn’t about what you or I believe are good ideas or bad ideas even rational ideas vs crazy or insane ideas…if people believe insane sh*t then believe this- you are going to have to deal with it whether you like it or not…so try ‘googling’:

Please see attached samples of coins already minted as samples and other drawings for proposed paper bills now sure some of these are internet humor however the number of hits for the ‘AMERO’ presently is: about 218,000 results- If this was all crazy conspiracy bunk then there sure are a lot of crazy people who are all agreeing that this is a worthy crazy conspiracy theory to be crazy about
In addition the current number of hits for the NORTH AMERICAN UNION presently is: About 83,500,000 results [representing a number of separate and independent content equal to over 23.8% of all the American People and 83,500,000 of 234 719 000 total adults equals 35.6% of the adult Population…that’s a whole lotta crazy content posted by crazy people committed to the same craziness?!!?…exceptionally ‘disciplined & focused’ for an ‘army of crazy people’]
please see the following sources:

SOURCE #1: http://wikileaks.ch/cable/2005/01/05OTTAWA268.html
CELLUCCI Memo outlining recommendations on how to proceed[ CELLUCCI is/was a high government official in canada- this is policy to them]

SOURCE #2: http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/constitution/item/17705-obama-presses-north-american-union-with-mexico-canada
Monday, 24 February 2014
Obama Presses “North American Union” With Mexico, Canada
Written by  William F. Jasper

SOURCE #3: http://www.wnd.com/2014/01/kerry-signals-advance-of-north-american-union-plan/
THE NEW WORLD DISORDER: Kerry signals advance of ‘North American Union’ plan Agreement announced at last year’s SOTU drew little notice
Published: 01/28/2014 at 4:16 PM
author Jerome R. Corsi
In a joint press conference in Washington Jan. 17 at the conclusion of a ministerial meeting with Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird and Mexican Foreign Secretary Jose Antonio Meade, a reporter posed a question to Kerry. The secretary of state was asked if the U.S. planned to reopen NAFTA and engage in direct negotiations with Mexico and Canada to avoid future conflicts between the Trans-Pacific Partnership currently before Congress and the forthcoming Atlantic counterpart, the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, now being negotiated with the Europeans.

Kerry’s surprising answer suggested that with the expected ratification by Congress of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, the Obama administration already considers the U.S., Mexico and Canada as part of a “post-NAFTA” world.

“I think that stepping up, all of us, to the TPP, is a very critical component of sort of moving to the next tier, post-NAFTA,” Kerry answered. So I don’t think you have to open up NAFTA, per se, in order to achieve what we’re trying to achieve.”

The Canadian foreign minister, Baird, reinforced Kerry’s point.

“Now listen, we believe that NAFTA’s been an unqualified success; the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade negotiations, which all three of us are in, offer us the opportunity to strengthen the trilateral partnership, and we’re keen to use that opportunity to do so,” he said.

SOURCE #4: The President of the United States
The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release
April 02, 2012
Joint Statement by North American Leaders
“Our integration helps maximize our capabilities and makes our economies more innovative and competitive globally.”

SOURCE #5: The President of the United States [www.nytimes.com/2008/03/04/us/politics/04nafta.html?_r=0]
Memo Gives Canada’s Account of Obama Campaign’s Meeting on Nafta
Published: March 4, 2008
Regardless of your position on this story, what has transpired in the past 6 years PROVES that he in fact did lie to the people of OHIO and elsewhere when he said he would leave NAFTA as is seen in the latest offering their view of a post NAFTA world is too INCREASE the ills of NAFTA not end them. So sure he is leaving NAFTA for NAFTA on steroids…and thus in ALL manner & meaning: HE LIED- FACT! So now ask yourself how come he lied, then denied the truth as a lie when it came out and then proceeded to implement NAFTA as the story said he would and in fact now with Kerry & the anything but democracy democrats and anything but republic republicans moves forward with the next step an ENHANCED NAFTA…FACT!
[see TPP & http://www.thenation.com/article/168627/nafta-steroids%5D
NAFTA on Steroids
The Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would grant enormous new powers to corporations, is a massive assault on democracy.
Lori Wallach
June 27, 2012

3. The preparations at integrating international law and state laws: This is a voluminous, complex and a subtle area to research and so I will be brief…[please request additional information/source material if you would like] there IS a MARKED DIFFERENCE between law dealing with TREATY and what is being done through harmonization of the laws: INTEGRATION OF THE LAWS IS NOT TREATY MAKING OR CONTRACT IT IS ALTERING THE NATURE OF THE NATION-STATE ITSELF…FACT.
The UN exists and A WORLD COURT that never holds the US accountable for its war criminal transgressions [please see collateral murder here:www.collateralmurder.com/]  …including at Nuremberg where NO AMERICANS were held accountable for funding Hitler [www.voltairenet.org/IMG/pdf/Sutton_Wall_Street_and_Hitler-5.pdf] AND some even were greatly rewarded [Please see:www.tarpley.net/online-books/george-bush-the-unauthorized-biography/] AND [www.spartacus-educational.com/MDbushPR.htm] AND the first bush presidency was under NIXON- [www.youtube.com/watch?v=_STBEYAoHM4] AND [www.prorev.com/bush2.htm] AND [www.businessinsider.com.au/watergate-revelations-the-coup-against-nixon-part-1-of-3-2012-5] AND
[http://eddieleaks.org/prescott-bush-had-big-secrets/] should be proof enough that the sovereignty of nation-states is no longer being respected and thus is purposefully being set aside, however the XL pipeline project is a physical manifestation of the invasion of nation state sovereignty taking place here today…after all don’t we have unemployed truckers? How come we can’t just truck the oil/gas from the border? If laws are HARMONIZED then there can be NO CONFLICT as BOTH adopt the same LAWS…this is different from a treaty where EXISTING LAW stays the same and any treaty can be subject to them and thus disagreement outside the instrument can arise and be accommodated through suits at law…just to point the OBVIOUS out…if their is NO HARM there is NO STANDING and if laws are harmonized where is the harm…so TREATIES are supposed to be stand alone legal instruments subject to the separate laws of the countries involved if the countries involved instead of making treaty HARMONIZE the LAWS how do disputes arise and get settled…it is impossible…so you are altering the state to accommodate another FOREIGN STATE rather than merely having an agreement under a treaty…in an age where the fake churches all arose out of the pope denying a divorce to a king who got tired of murdering his wives when he wanted a new one…it seems rather extreme to sweep treaty aside and engage instead of HARMONIZATION & INTEGRATION since this is even more than a marriage contract between man & woman…in this context the states become ONE as no man and woman ever have been ESPECIALLY under the anti-churches that protest against not being able to be divorced…so there is the hypocrisy of it all if the TREASON isn’t sufficient to shun such methods of in eschewing of the establishment of treaty instruments of law.

So in summation where I was going with that whole evil people are stupid and societies that are evil soon become stupid was that China is happy to take advantage of our stupidity…I believe that China would love to use the US Dollars they have and their initial trading with the yen & yuan as a reserve currency to influence our country to the bad…and IF our leaders continue down the path of the North American Union once that impetus is initiated it could soon be something that rapidly becomes out of our hands and out of our control to stop. There are NO FRIENDS amongst nation-states…please read Washington’s Farewell Address. I think the arrow is pointed in the WRONG direction and that a huge part of REICHSTAG911 which I believe was committed by the jews and traitors here in the United States for BIBLICAL BORDERS and PIPELINISTAN has to do with selling China gasoline for the cars they had the survivor-slaves of Tienanmen Square build in slave labor camps…no more bikes for the chinese now its cars cars cars…and of course priming the American people for the North American Union & the Amero.


PS the current number of hits for Biblical Borders on google is: About 853,000 results
Holy Land Borders: About 1,620,000 results
Promised Land Borders:About 1,080,000 results
Again it doesn’t matter if you think these people are insane or not…THEY BELIEVE and so they will wipe out ten countries and 60 million people to make it happen if we give them our consent and now that they are the 5th largest nuclear power and considering the following:
Assassination of Counte Bernodotte Volke
Assassinations of JFK & RFK
Murder of our USS Liberty Sailors
Murder of Rachel Corrie
REICHSTAG911…I do not believe they care whether you or I or anyone agrees with them…they are DOING IT…and to hell with the world…THAT IS THEIR POSITION…FACT!
So please read about AIPAC and watch the movie MISSING LINKS found here [www.911missinglinks.com/] in order to get a glimpse of the REAL & ACTUAL perpetrators of the REICHSTAG911 (aka: their latest eugenics program) and the overarching plan it is a component of!

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