by World Wide Waco

The sisters of mercy roam the landscape

Beating themselves upon back & limb with cane

From their bodies well-worn sackcloth drapes

Ashes make brocades entangled in their hair

Their chorus of moans bewails their sad and sorry outcast state

Harbingers of what is soon to come

Or fixtures & conditions of modern day har meggideon


Transl: The author, copyright August 1999


The signs of the times are all around us, yet we heed them not.

Here is one example culled from the radioactive ocean post the Mark I lemon squeeze known as Fukishima all is well happy happy remain calm please aka 300 tons of radioactive ground water pouring into the pacific ocean every day for 2 years and now we can’t eat fish for 300 years thank you very much corporofacists trolls & their media propaganda propagation …the following is a very deadly and very dead fish full of nasty forms of iodine strontium and bromine so please happy happy remain calm; but DO NOT EAT:

If you wanted to issue fiat currency and inhibit a run on the dollar and an attendant flight to gold….how would you solve that problem:

One way would be to issue naked shorts representing NO PHYSICAL GOLD, sure the small fish would take a beating and their physical gold would fly to foreign shores as the market went into free-fall and stop loss orders were triggered, however at the bottom floor you could pay the losses in the virtual gold naked short offering with US currency, thus the fiat money is issued and no run on the dollar or flight to gold. If you are the fed you can then take profits as you gobble up physical gold at bottom with an unlimited bankroll and over the long term accrue increases in value as the market stabilizes…of course there are only so many rounds in that chamber aren’t there…

Thunder & Lightning rent the starless umbrae canopy above

Soon torrential rain will come and desolate plain embrace engorged flood

As forlorn lovers remember & yearn again to be as one

No shelter offered yet eminent maelstrom beckons

Neither the deaf nor blind know mercy on this day

As the sky breaks open and the earth quakes

Their chorus of moans bewails their sad and sorry outcast state

Harbingers of what is soon to come

Or fixtures & conditions of modern day har meggideon


Transl: The author, copyright August 1999

There are always consequences though aren’t there and not always can those consequences be dumped on your victims allowing you sure & unscathed escape… one large scale consequence is the static state condition of the market overall that results, now maybe you are just a huge fan of the cowboy junkies caution horses’ L.P.(do they still make L.P’s) and call this phenomena insurance, no doubt the corporofacists controlling pipelinistan call it the Patriot Portfolio- regardless of what label you give it the transfer of wealth into hard assets in excess of 25% IS a flight in fear and creates unworkable economic solidity that IS NOT SUSTAINABLE in an environment where GDP is over-leveraged with debt obligations to foreign nation-states, the fact that an illegal unconstitutionally funded contradictory war on terror is a never ending perpetual liquidity gobbling black hole being used to transfer wealth from the poor & middle class to the wealthy who then cycle it out of the economy & into hard assets IS simply a vicious cyclical engorgement of this policy most foreign akin to the iconic snake swallowing its own tail for supper- some of us insist that pipelinistan IS just that an ancient serpent that has deceived the whole world.

Vesuvius awakens to claim its unfortunate host

A people ornamented in scorn & customed in hubris

Rue now the day they heeded not the song of the sisters

Their chorus of warnings to leave POMPEII

Too late in futility they devise frantic escape

They hasten instead headlong into deep graves of ash & mud

Their chorus of moans bewails their sad and sorry outcast state

Now frozen in time themselves the signposts become

Fixtures & conditions of modern day har meggideon


Transl: The author, copyright August 1999

Now here is where you can check some facts and answer some questions that have been searing my brain since 2005, to wit:

  1. Did the Chinese just achieve possession of their first ton of gold?
  2. Do the Chinese currently hold over a trillion US dollars?
  3. If gold was trading at $ 299.00 an oz in 2005 and IS now trading north of $ 1600.00/oz how come the Chinese value a trillion US dollars as currency MORE THAN they value investing those dollars in gold and quintrippling their investment via gold over a timespan less than a decade in duration?

AHHHHND here IS where you are hoisted upon your own petard….for if the crazy conspiracy dude who is writing this article can figure this out do you really think all the Chinese are as stupid as bush & palin and could not? In 2005 I had no way of giving Christmas presents to my friends so I gave them an analysis of the market instead which encouraged investment in gold. So if the homeless high school drop-out conspiracy nut guy who has been deprived of his GOD given right to DUE process for 21 years and counting can figure this out what makes you think the Chinese can’t…they are not the crazy homeless infuriated troll conspiracy nut guy are they?

Final Question: If the Chinese could ensure you were the ones making flip-flops for a bowl of rice a day would they do it? Even if it hurt their own economy…and remember that IS a very agrarian society they got over there aint no one going to starve if they go bankrupt at least not those in power….and oh yeah as far as tanking their own economy goes….I heard a rumor…they are HARD LINE RED COMMIE BASTARDS over there….don’t know just sayin. What IS known presently IS that china has already engaged in trade using the yen as the reserve currency- FACT!

Archeologist Thomas: “This will do, its brush & hand from here on in”

Archeologist Mathew: “There are so many, it must have been sudden”

Archeologist Thomas: “Not necessarily Matty, the Ancients too had shepherds that mislead them”

Archeologist Mathew: “Yes Thomas, too true”

Archeologist Thomas: “…and that theory will be borne out if evidenced by almost an exclusive body of poor & middle class…”

Archeologist Mathew: “You think the affluent had the means to get away”

Archeologist Thomas: “…I think that the rich stayed away, it was the people who worked & lived at this ancient resort who perished not those they served…there are always those available to appease the masses in the face of calamity…”

Archeologist Mathew: “Yes I see, who will easily agree to uproot themselves and risk all, their home, livelihood…”

Archeologist Thomas: “Precisely, only if we find a heavy sprinkling of the rich can we assume the event was sudden…”

Archeologist Mathew: “So, it may have been months of activity…”

Archeologist Thomas: “…and heavier coffers for any so called priests willing to provide divine interpretation and an acceptable appeasement remedy that would protect those who stayed…”

Archeologist Mathew: “Good Lord, do we ever learn…”

Archeologist Thomas: “…Ahh there is our benefactor Mr. Grapallovit, you continue on here Matty I will return shortly…”

Archeologist Mathew: “Certainly, if I want to marry Samantha I will need to get paid…”

Archeologist Thomas: “Indeed Matty, indeed…”

Mr. Grapallovit: “Thomas this is wonderful, it is even better than we could have imagined, have you everything you require…”

Archeologist Thomas: “Yes, sir Mr. Grapallovit, we are turning to brush & hand removal as we have reached what we believe is street level & already as you can see there is an excellent number of specimens very well preserved…”

Mr. Grapallovit: “This is so exciting, we can’t wait until we can begin the tours, I don’t have to tell you what this will do for our tourist revenues; Thomas you and Mathew will be getting quite the accolades so prepare yourself for a great deal of activity…”

Archeologist Thomas: “Sir, we can’t thank you & corporate enough for your support, this has certainly been a model of how business and science can partner together for everyone’s benefit…”

Mr. Grapallovit: “I will be bringing the interior secretary and his staff through this afternoon so I will leave you to it, and prepare, this is a great day Thomas for the community, the country, the world & all of posterity…”

Archeologist Thomas: “Thank you sir, we appreciate everything you have done to make all of this possible…”

The horizon seem to stretch to infinity as beautiful blue azure ocean reached up to hug the clear blue sky, the white sand of the beach an enticing invitation to cool breezes and lazy afternoons bathing is sea & sun. The mountain in the distance was formidable, but set in this paradisial surrounding it did not impose and dominate always, around its circumference & base a great many people prospered, farming the mineral rich soils. A light wisp emanated from the behemoth’s top, every once and awhile a hiccup or cough, would interrupt the pleasant day, but after a timid moment of hesitation faces tinged with faint traces of shame would forget and turn back again to their labors and the labor of enjoying their day.

Excerpt from THE MODERNS’  

The author, copyright April 2nd, 2014

During the primaries Oblivious was caught telling tales out of school, the Prime rib of beef Minister of the socialist bastion of the british empire to the north of us dropped the dime, him being partial to the anything but republic republicans rather than the anything but democracy democrats- he let everyone know that while Oblivious was making speeches about NAFTA taking U.S. jobs and hurting the American worker, behind closed doors he told the ‘gruppenfuehers of the free world’ that he was ‘JUST KIDDING’ and had no intention of ever repealing NAFTA! So, those speeches were lies just to appease the unruly & unemployed masses, but do you know the extent of the ruse, I think not. I believe I do. The Prime rib of beef Minister after all can only go so far and he is after all a bush sycophant.

Try this: google the word AMERO

Then google the Mexican American Canadian Union

Just see if that’s all just conspiracy nonsense so you can shut me up with your replies

I foretell of the purposeful implosion of the U.S. Dollar and purposeful tanking of the U.S.economy and in the scream for jobs jobs jobs that ensues labor & the unions will align again with the corporofacists and that XL pipeline will go down in history as the first physical manifestation of a Mexican American Canadian Union…and all the signs were there for you to see and all the soothsayers were shunned and scorned.

I don’t care if you are dishonest with me but be honest with yourselves:

When there is an American Union & Mexicans can stuff 5 people in a truck and drive that truck into the ground 24 7 365, they will turn the key to that truck ONCE & every gain made by the truckers over the century will be gone as independent dispatch companies arise all over America to take the profits thereby. Now is that a fact or not a fact….when there are no jobs what will you do…and just like that no more United States of America….too easy

Lemmings eager for a pied piper to follow over the cliff… ECONOMEGIDDIO- IT IS ALREADY HERE

LIAM BRENT KELLY, copyright April 2nd 2014