by World Wide Waco

The word of GOD is absolute and never changing. The priest who should have received his calling by the age of 12 should be sequestered in a seminary to be immersed in the unchanging and absolute word of GOD.

The natural world as created by GOD is in an ever changing revolutionary flux. Nature acts against identity and is without certainty.

The role of the theologian is to bridge the gap and render this revolutionary new organic, natural, coming into being explicable and understandable through application and the ‘rosetta stone’ guidance of the absolute never-changing and yet eternal word of GOD.

This is the constant miracle ever present age to age available to all ever more so in the revolutionary new expressions of the nature GOD created and man: GOD’s special and supreme creation, as brought into being are new forms, chaotic relative to previously established and defined conditions and order. The constant miracle is made manifest in that this rendering of the revolutionary, chaotic, and previously unknown & unknowable into the explicable and understandable made possible by that absolute & never-changing word of GOD.

This universal divination aspect of the word of GOD completely applicable throughout the ages in rendering all new forms explicable & understandable is the touchstone that is demonstrable of he who is the master & creator of all through his word.

It is through the word and ONLY through the word that these revolutionary, (relatively) chaotic, previously unknown & unknowable new forms are in fact made explicable & understandable.

Thus previously unknown and non-manipulated as well as engineered & manipulated CHANGE BOTH are rendered explicable & understandable via that which was laid down in the beginning, has been ever-present and yet is UNCHANGING and ABSOLUTE.

The word of GOD never fails and is singular in bringing meaning, identity, and order to ALL new forms of ‘chaos’ that nature & man bring into being…revelation demonstrably showing that it is unseeing eyes that fail to grasp that rendering into the explicable & within the complete reach of our understanding….that in fact order is & was there all the time save for our sight of it that could only be arrived at through the words divination…In this sense it is not merely that all things are universally and without exception brought into being through the word of GOD but PRECISELY due to that fact that this universal and solitary divination through the word occurs…THIS IS THE CONSTANT MIRACLE and if their ever were to be a ‘proof’ of GOD it is this infinitely occurring and ever-present rendering into the explicable & understanding of all that proceeds our present made explicable and the future phenomena as it comes into being: so too as well.

ALL things are made explicable & knowable in this manner ALL things inevitably are abused and abusive through the failure to so acknowledge & see this constant rendering of them into the explicable & within our compass of understanding.

Thus the constant miracle places at hand GOD’s ever present majesty and love this beyond any REAL human understanding as our capacity cannot expand to capture the infinite that this entails…the infinite & the eternal being dominion that GOD has reserved jealously to himself: father, son, and Holy Spirit.

Faith is to believe without reason, to believe even in spite of what the whole wide world holds as their sacred truth & myth, it is to persevere in belief even when everything in the world and all logic & reason are turned to assail that belief…faith is to believe despite reason, regardless of it’s existence…whether it is supportive or a wholesale assault.

Philosophy is to believe ONLY according to reason, and with ruthlessness & rigor in the analysis of reasoning, laws of logic, symbology, all geared to eliminating that which is not 100% rationale & at unity with reason.

Thus in a fundamental way philosophy & faith are by definition incompatible. Yet the word and the word alone bridge’s even this impossible span. The natural order ordained by GOD through his word and the nature that GOD created through his word, the nature of evil itself ALL made explicable and understandable ONLY through his word.


Myth Today myth is studied with varying theories that attempt differing interpretations and attempts at deriving some use from these efforts. It is clear that the majority of individuals who look into myth agree that there are inescapable examples of similarity that transcends era and cultures. Some seek to take what is common and develop some sort of universal language from these various similar elements. Others attempt to unify the common elements as some expression of fundamental human

Psychological expression and render it understandable as a benchmark to assist modern man and validate myth as relevant to perceiving the natural world.

I do not believe any except those who use these repeating common elements as an argument to supposedly ‘debunk’ the universal truth of GOD ever arrive at the idea that these repeating elements have currency for man yesterday, today, tomorrow.

Those who attempt to explain the development of the bible and the truth about GOD in this context and do so expressly to suggest that scripture is merely the refinement of myths that have been with us from the first when man drew on cave walls and developed writing are in error…

What is missing is the understanding that since all things came into being through the WORD there has been an indelible imprint on creation that has and will continue to manifest itself…it is the common source that explains the commonality of these myths developed amongst peoples that do not overlap in era, culture, language, or experience. These myths express themselves in these common patterns even when these people have been isolated from knowledge of history and knowledge of these other cultures wherein such commonality arises.

Thus, if we accept that this cannon of commonality in myth is not in fact PROOF or EVIDENCE of the ‘back stories’ that through repetition, cycling through different cultures, and languages- finally arriving at expression in religion and instead recognize that even the life of real verifiable people such as Socrates mirrors and foretells of the coming of the WORD into the world then these commonalities though separated by era culture language geography time and occurring within varying isolated communities can then be analyzed correctly and then this repetitive and common myth type repetition allows us to gain the actual insight into what exactly occurred in these different time periods amongst these various peoples and cultures.

This is the way in which a successful interpretation of myth throughout history can and should proceed.


The nature of evil:

If GOD exists then there cannot be any argument that:

of any element the ONE universal and common element that all people who believe in GOD or not assert when they say GOD is the element of creation-

GOD is the creator: each and every people regardless of their belief they assert GOD as creator even when denying his existence.

There are many elements that people ascribe to GOD even those who do not believe, however of all the things invoked when people say GOD- CREATOR is universally held

SO: if GOD is then GOD is the creator

If GOD is and GOD is the creator then GOD created everything…this is even consistent with the fundamental principle of natural philosophy: that nothing is created or destroyed- since GOD is the creator and has created we now observe only the interplay of the forms of energy & matter. Form changes but nothing is gained or lost it is a net zero sum gain.

That being accepted: GOD created everything does evil exist?

I would suggest it does and it expresses itself in every life & in every society and in every era- Thus the question arises:

If GOD created everything and if evil exists did GOD create evil? The answer is NO

There have been many people I have met who say yes & then immediately launch into their ‘reconciliation’ or ‘rationalization’ of such a proposition and they are all absurd.

There have been a few who have refused to even consider[ing] the possibility that GOD created evil and they are absolutely correct, however in my almost 50 years on earth and about 30 of them posing this question not once have these (or any) individual(s) who having been 100% absolutely correct and yet [were] also able to explain how it can be that:

1. GOD created everything

2. Evil exists

3. GOD did not create evil

And this represents an opportunity to gain an understanding of GOD and The Creation.

Just as the concept (anti-concept) of synergy attacks the very process of identity (definition), revelation so too does the fact that individuals in failing to recognize reconciliation of this seeming paradox represent an opportunity lost.

So I begin with providing an explanation why the anti-concept synergy should be removed from the lexicon of language and then proceed to resolve the above paradox, for it is absolutely true that:

If GOD exists: Then GOD created everything and even though evil exists, GOD who created everything did NOT create evil.


Synergy: Breaking down the establishment of systematic error- an analysis

The concept of synergy is defined as the manifestation of some thing being greater that the sum of its parts…this is absurd

Traditionally and correctly we have held that the whole of any thing is equal to the sum of its parts…that is an absolute truth that is at unity with identity (definition).

Whenever we are in a situation where it seems that the sum of the parts of a thing is greater than the whole, we MUST recognize that this is sufficient to trigger a necessary revisiting of our previously held accounting of the parts that constitute that whole…in other words we are having our current lack of complete knowledge of the thing revealed to us and as such an opportunity exists to gain knowledge of the thing as a whole and/or of it’s constituent parts as well as their relationship to each other, the whole, & the environment within [which] they exist.

This constant and necessary revisiting of identity lies at the heart of both scientific process and discovery…we are being invited through such revelations to embark upon an inquiry that inevitably bears fruit in bringing us closer to the truth.

To invoke the anti-concept of synergy is to foreclose the investigative-discovery process that the whole body of science and the investigation into the natural world of GODS creation is dependant upon and upon which it rests.

There is hardly a better way to describe this doctrine/ concept of synergy than as is proposed: it is in fact an anti-concept.

In operation it is a viral negative that disposes of identity, inquiry & discovery all in one…and specifically does so at the very door upon which opportunity is knocking.

In the world of: mormons, support for israel, cover-up of REICHSTAG 911 & the JFK RFK assassinations…it is understood that such anti-doctrines find a home.

I reject that world. I believe if humanity wants to reject slavery and the Dark Age we are now in then certainly these things must be rejected. Synergy is not merely error it is the systematic establishment of the causation of continuing error and inhibitor of the continuing process of scientific inquiry, discovery, and necessary & continual re-evaluation of currently held doctrine…as such it is not merely all of the above but most critically it is the overthrow of the very cure to its emplacement of systematic error. Wholly corruptive…that is one book we most certainly do have to burn. Having described the anti-doctrine of ‘synergy’ and demonstrated the necessity of rescuing identity, discovery, and inquiry through consigning that anti-concept to the junk heap of history, I now return to the dialogue concerning the nature of evil and what is being revealed to us through the arising of a seeming paradox…for again an opportunity is presenting itself to us through this seeming impasse.

I believe that evil exists AND I believe that GOD created everything

I also know absolutely that GOD did not create evil, for GOD is the source of all GOOD and NO evil proceeds forth from him.

This is fact and it is true because evil IS NOT A CREATED THING…it is the coming into being attendant upon the CREATION…a consequence of creation…NOT A CREATED THING:

Thus the nature of evil becomes fully explicable and therefore rendered entirely impotent.

To wit, in bringing CREATION into being GOD did NOT create other GODS he created man, and man is very much fallible…thus GOD knew prior to creation that we would fail, and fail early and often…in fact rarely would we ever succeed…arguably NO success would ever be had without his help and in spite of our efforts in opposition to that very help…it is our nature. Thus GOD knew we would take his light and turn it against his very will…as we yet live we are his enemy, and GOD being wise keeps himself & his enemies at a great distance. The nature of evil is that it is not & never is a thing: it is the destruction of things; it is the corruption and misuse of things…mostly the abuse & misuse of man by other men.

So, their never was and never will be the creation of evil, there simply will be the continuing error and when taken to a persistent and TOTAL destruction end is the bringing into being of evil. In other words if everyone were to do nothing then the coming into being of evil would cease…however- JESUS is the word and EVERYTHING came into being through the word- and that word is AMEN…GOD said YES to the CREATION:

and in creating through the WORD already HELPED by reconciling everything & all to him prior to everything coming into being and thus even though he did not create evil, he accepted the fact that the consequence of creation and the ‘less than GOD’ status of man would bring into being evil and so through the word he created and through the word he expiated evil and offered absolution prior to creation coming into being and ALL that is attendant to creation coming into being…and all he has asked of us is that if only we say AMEN (as he did)…to the word then it is our way of both acknowledging GOD and all he did for us and in submitting to his authority that is never arbitrary but complete love for after all didn’t he say amen first, and yet he is GOD, he certainly did not have to but was well pleased to do so…and this is love and not arbitrary/abusive authority.

Thus we see that GOD created through the word and it his will and his wisdom to do so, but it is also his love.

So the nature of evil is revealed and in turn the opportunity to ENLARGE and MAGNIFY the witness of scripture that we know and has been handed down from the beginning and is in no way a new: neither added to nor subtracted from…thing and as such consistent with all that we know and have been told it is acceptable to say amen to it and accept that indeed the opportunity for revelation that has been placed before us has yielded truth value & unity.


Liam Brent Kelly

Copyright Mon April 30th 2012