Reichstag911= Biblical Borders & Pipelinistan How Corporofacism & the State of Israel have taken over America

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The word of GOD is absolute and never changing. The priest who should have received his calling by the age of 12 should be sequestered in a seminary to be immersed in the unchanging and absolute word of GOD.

The natural world as created by GOD is in an ever changing revolutionary flux. Nature acts against identity and is without certainty.

The role of the theologian is to bridge the gap and render this revolutionary new organic, natural, coming into being explicable and understandable through application and the ‘rosetta stone’ guidance of the absolute never-changing and yet eternal word of GOD.

This is the constant miracle ever present age to age available to all ever more so in the revolutionary new expressions of the nature GOD created and man: GOD’s special and supreme creation, as brought into being are new forms, chaotic relative to previously established and defined conditions and order. The constant miracle is made manifest in that this rendering of the revolutionary, chaotic, and previously unknown & unknowable into the explicable and understandable made possible by that absolute & never-changing word of GOD.

This universal divination aspect of the word of GOD completely applicable throughout the ages in rendering all new forms explicable & understandable is the touchstone that is demonstrable of he who is the master & creator of all through his word.

It is through the word and ONLY through the word that these revolutionary, (relatively) chaotic, previously unknown & unknowable new forms are in fact made explicable & understandable.

Thus previously unknown and non-manipulated as well as engineered & manipulated CHANGE BOTH are rendered explicable & understandable via that which was laid down in the beginning, has been ever-present and yet is UNCHANGING and ABSOLUTE.

The word of GOD never fails and is singular in bringing meaning, identity, and order to ALL new forms of ‘chaos’ that nature & man bring into being…revelation demonstrably showing that it is unseeing eyes that fail to grasp that rendering into the explicable & within the complete reach of our understanding….that in fact order is & was there all the time save for our sight of it that could only be arrived at through the words divination…In this sense it is not merely that all things are universally and without exception brought into being through the word of GOD but PRECISELY due to that fact that this universal and solitary divination through the word occurs…THIS IS THE CONSTANT MIRACLE and if their ever were to be a ‘proof’ of GOD it is this infinitely occurring and ever-present rendering into the explicable & understanding of all that proceeds our present made explicable and the future phenomena as it comes into being: so too as well.

ALL things are made explicable & knowable in this manner ALL things inevitably are abused and abusive through the failure to so acknowledge & see this constant rendering of them into the explicable & within our compass of understanding.

Thus the constant miracle places at hand GOD’s ever present majesty and love this beyond any REAL human understanding as our capacity cannot expand to capture the infinite that this entails…the infinite & the eternal being dominion that GOD has reserved jealously to himself: father, son, and Holy Spirit.

Faith is to believe without reason, to believe even in spite of what the whole wide world holds as their sacred truth & myth, it is to persevere in belief even when everything in the world and all logic & reason are turned to assail that belief…faith is to believe despite reason, regardless of it’s existence…whether it is supportive or a wholesale assault.

Philosophy is to believe ONLY according to reason, and with ruthlessness & rigor in the analysis of reasoning, laws of logic, symbology, all geared to eliminating that which is not 100% rationale & at unity with reason.

Thus in a fundamental way philosophy & faith are by definition incompatible. Yet the word and the word alone bridge’s even this impossible span. The natural order ordained by GOD through his word and the nature that GOD created through his word, the nature of evil itself ALL made explicable and understandable ONLY through his word.


Myth Today myth is studied with varying theories that attempt differing interpretations and attempts at deriving some use from these efforts. It is clear that the majority of individuals who look into myth agree that there are inescapable examples of similarity that transcends era and cultures. Some seek to take what is common and develop some sort of universal language from these various similar elements. Others attempt to unify the common elements as some expression of fundamental human

Psychological expression and render it understandable as a benchmark to assist modern man and validate myth as relevant to perceiving the natural world.

I do not believe any except those who use these repeating common elements as an argument to supposedly ‘debunk’ the universal truth of GOD ever arrive at the idea that these repeating elements have currency for man yesterday, today, tomorrow.

Those who attempt to explain the development of the bible and the truth about GOD in this context and do so expressly to suggest that scripture is merely the refinement of myths that have been with us from the first when man drew on cave walls and developed writing are in error…

What is missing is the understanding that since all things came into being through the WORD there has been an indelible imprint on creation that has and will continue to manifest itself…it is the common source that explains the commonality of these myths developed amongst peoples that do not overlap in era, culture, language, or experience. These myths express themselves in these common patterns even when these people have been isolated from knowledge of history and knowledge of these other cultures wherein such commonality arises.

Thus, if we accept that this cannon of commonality in myth is not in fact PROOF or EVIDENCE of the ‘back stories’ that through repetition, cycling through different cultures, and languages- finally arriving at expression in religion and instead recognize that even the life of real verifiable people such as Socrates mirrors and foretells of the coming of the WORD into the world then these commonalities though separated by era culture language geography time and occurring within varying isolated communities can then be analyzed correctly and then this repetitive and common myth type repetition allows us to gain the actual insight into what exactly occurred in these different time periods amongst these various peoples and cultures.

This is the way in which a successful interpretation of myth throughout history can and should proceed.


The nature of evil:

If GOD exists then there cannot be any argument that:

of any element the ONE universal and common element that all people who believe in GOD or not assert when they say GOD is the element of creation-

GOD is the creator: each and every people regardless of their belief they assert GOD as creator even when denying his existence.

There are many elements that people ascribe to GOD even those who do not believe, however of all the things invoked when people say GOD- CREATOR is universally held

SO: if GOD is then GOD is the creator

If GOD is and GOD is the creator then GOD created everything…this is even consistent with the fundamental principle of natural philosophy: that nothing is created or destroyed- since GOD is the creator and has created we now observe only the interplay of the forms of energy & matter. Form changes but nothing is gained or lost it is a net zero sum gain.

That being accepted: GOD created everything does evil exist?

I would suggest it does and it expresses itself in every life & in every society and in every era- Thus the question arises:

If GOD created everything and if evil exists did GOD create evil? The answer is NO

There have been many people I have met who say yes & then immediately launch into their ‘reconciliation’ or ‘rationalization’ of such a proposition and they are all absurd.

There have been a few who have refused to even consider[ing] the possibility that GOD created evil and they are absolutely correct, however in my almost 50 years on earth and about 30 of them posing this question not once have these (or any) individual(s) who having been 100% absolutely correct and yet [were] also able to explain how it can be that:

1. GOD created everything

2. Evil exists

3. GOD did not create evil

And this represents an opportunity to gain an understanding of GOD and The Creation.

Just as the concept (anti-concept) of synergy attacks the very process of identity (definition), revelation so too does the fact that individuals in failing to recognize reconciliation of this seeming paradox represent an opportunity lost.

So I begin with providing an explanation why the anti-concept synergy should be removed from the lexicon of language and then proceed to resolve the above paradox, for it is absolutely true that:

If GOD exists: Then GOD created everything and even though evil exists, GOD who created everything did NOT create evil.


Synergy: Breaking down the establishment of systematic error- an analysis

The concept of synergy is defined as the manifestation of some thing being greater that the sum of its parts…this is absurd

Traditionally and correctly we have held that the whole of any thing is equal to the sum of its parts…that is an absolute truth that is at unity with identity (definition).

Whenever we are in a situation where it seems that the sum of the parts of a thing is greater than the whole, we MUST recognize that this is sufficient to trigger a necessary revisiting of our previously held accounting of the parts that constitute that whole…in other words we are having our current lack of complete knowledge of the thing revealed to us and as such an opportunity exists to gain knowledge of the thing as a whole and/or of it’s constituent parts as well as their relationship to each other, the whole, & the environment within [which] they exist.

This constant and necessary revisiting of identity lies at the heart of both scientific process and discovery…we are being invited through such revelations to embark upon an inquiry that inevitably bears fruit in bringing us closer to the truth.

To invoke the anti-concept of synergy is to foreclose the investigative-discovery process that the whole body of science and the investigation into the natural world of GODS creation is dependant upon and upon which it rests.

There is hardly a better way to describe this doctrine/ concept of synergy than as is proposed: it is in fact an anti-concept.

In operation it is a viral negative that disposes of identity, inquiry & discovery all in one…and specifically does so at the very door upon which opportunity is knocking.

In the world of: mormons, support for israel, cover-up of REICHSTAG 911 & the JFK RFK assassinations…it is understood that such anti-doctrines find a home.

I reject that world. I believe if humanity wants to reject slavery and the Dark Age we are now in then certainly these things must be rejected. Synergy is not merely error it is the systematic establishment of the causation of continuing error and inhibitor of the continuing process of scientific inquiry, discovery, and necessary & continual re-evaluation of currently held doctrine…as such it is not merely all of the above but most critically it is the overthrow of the very cure to its emplacement of systematic error. Wholly corruptive…that is one book we most certainly do have to burn. Having described the anti-doctrine of ‘synergy’ and demonstrated the necessity of rescuing identity, discovery, and inquiry through consigning that anti-concept to the junk heap of history, I now return to the dialogue concerning the nature of evil and what is being revealed to us through the arising of a seeming paradox…for again an opportunity is presenting itself to us through this seeming impasse.

I believe that evil exists AND I believe that GOD created everything

I also know absolutely that GOD did not create evil, for GOD is the source of all GOOD and NO evil proceeds forth from him.

This is fact and it is true because evil IS NOT A CREATED THING…it is the coming into being attendant upon the CREATION…a consequence of creation…NOT A CREATED THING:

Thus the nature of evil becomes fully explicable and therefore rendered entirely impotent.

To wit, in bringing CREATION into being GOD did NOT create other GODS he created man, and man is very much fallible…thus GOD knew prior to creation that we would fail, and fail early and often…in fact rarely would we ever succeed…arguably NO success would ever be had without his help and in spite of our efforts in opposition to that very help…it is our nature. Thus GOD knew we would take his light and turn it against his very will…as we yet live we are his enemy, and GOD being wise keeps himself & his enemies at a great distance. The nature of evil is that it is not & never is a thing: it is the destruction of things; it is the corruption and misuse of things…mostly the abuse & misuse of man by other men.

So, their never was and never will be the creation of evil, there simply will be the continuing error and when taken to a persistent and TOTAL destruction end is the bringing into being of evil. In other words if everyone were to do nothing then the coming into being of evil would cease…however- JESUS is the word and EVERYTHING came into being through the word- and that word is AMEN…GOD said YES to the CREATION:

and in creating through the WORD already HELPED by reconciling everything & all to him prior to everything coming into being and thus even though he did not create evil, he accepted the fact that the consequence of creation and the ‘less than GOD’ status of man would bring into being evil and so through the word he created and through the word he expiated evil and offered absolution prior to creation coming into being and ALL that is attendant to creation coming into being…and all he has asked of us is that if only we say AMEN (as he did)…to the word then it is our way of both acknowledging GOD and all he did for us and in submitting to his authority that is never arbitrary but complete love for after all didn’t he say amen first, and yet he is GOD, he certainly did not have to but was well pleased to do so…and this is love and not arbitrary/abusive authority.

Thus we see that GOD created through the word and it his will and his wisdom to do so, but it is also his love.

So the nature of evil is revealed and in turn the opportunity to ENLARGE and MAGNIFY the witness of scripture that we know and has been handed down from the beginning and is in no way a new: neither added to nor subtracted from…thing and as such consistent with all that we know and have been told it is acceptable to say amen to it and accept that indeed the opportunity for revelation that has been placed before us has yielded truth value & unity.


Liam Brent Kelly

Copyright Mon April 30th 2012




Reasons the idea & doctrine of the establishment of a Matrix Commodity Exchange which ties currency to a Matrix Calculus based upon the following elements- Uranium, Plutonium, Gold, Silver, & Platinum, and thereby allow[s]ing the provision of non-interest capitalization/loans amongst nation-states should be considered worthy for garnering the Nobel Peace Prize in economics:

REASON #1: Ending the threat of Nuclear Holocaust and Nuclear weapons proliferation

– When JFK was President he implemented a test ban treaty, and this allowed a NON-invasive regulation of foreign nation-state nuclear development programs setting the stage for DETENTE, and providing a context within which disarmament: talk’s; treaties; and manifestations; could occur.

If someone were to buy a second-hand automobile they would have to take it for a test drive (after all it could have a hamster on a wheel under the hood), so too when buying or developing a nuclear weapon…it must be tested! We have the ability with seismic and satellite technology to monitor these events without invasive nation-state sovereignty violation.

When Bush implemented his never-ending (who surrenders who ever wins) war on terror, a diametrically opposite policy from the JFK test ban treaty mechanism as a means to establish a basis for disarmament was established:

Under the bush war on terror

When bush lies and an accused nation-state DOES NOT have a nuclear weapons program developed THEN there is regime change and a rape of the resources as well as a puppet government put in place. Just like what happened to IRAQ- which had nothing to do with 911 & in fact Saddamn Hussein was an enemy of the CIA trained and funded Al Qaeda Malmoot.

HOWEVER, if the nation-state DOES have a nuclear weapons program developed, such as the ‘AXIS OF EVIL’ member North Korea THEN it DOES NOT suffer regime change and the exploitation of corporofacism attendant upon such invasions.

In fact in the instant case of North Korea the American Taxpayers ended up funding that program.

It is obvious then that we have entered a NEW ERA:

Under ‘bush clinton bush clintOblivious’ as I like to term our NON representative government:

Nuclear Proliferation is encouraged and rewarded!

This is not mere error & folly it is doubling down and rolling the dice with nuclear holocaust in play…no thank you


By implementing this proposed doctrine of the multi-commodity basis of currency and establishment of the NON-SPECULATIVE commodity exchange that has-


as a ‘group’ commodity matrix index, it encourages the literal: BEATING OF SWORDS INTO PLOUGHSHARES.

If one converts nuclear weapons into uranium & plutonium through dismantling, then it increases the value of the currency & also since the disarmament process will be a slow one- also keeps the missiles in the silos while they exist in that state, since then in order to blow up a country you would have to bankrupt yourself by destroying the commodities that give value to your currency- in other words since the fundamental motive for war profiteering is profit: it removes this foundational motive & in truth that is 90% of the motive if not 100% of the support for disputes being escalated & eventually carried into war. The war profiteering anarchy community will blow up churches, schools, factories, farms; ect- the one thing they will NEVER blow up is their own currency &/or basis for its value…aka THE BANK.

In order to destroy a nation-state under this doctrine a nation-state would have to bankrupt itself to accomplish that end…today the invader is rewarded for invading & the country subjected to invasion is punished: this encourages lawlessness & rewards it…the doctrine that I am proposing would punish the aggressor- in ALL cases.

This ensures that the war profiteering anarchists are not moved favorably towards such war and therefore leaves at the table those who TRULY love jesus and are committed to justice & peace to establish a REAL true and LASTING peace amongst the nations of this earth.

But that it not all:

This commodity exchange that permits NO SPECULATION would also serve to establish NO INTEREST capitalization/loans – so that nation-states could genuinely help each other instead of raping each others resources through the system of purposeful debt incursion and then the application of STRUCTURAL ADJUSTMENT PROGRAMS (S.A.P.’s) that essentially hand over a foreign nation-states resources, economic development, political system & defense to the corporofacists running amok in America under bush clinton bush clintOblivious…

Thus instead of the TWIN EVIL anti-choices of:

1. SAP’s, Debt, and rape- that makes other’s slaves, in foreign countries


2. Bankrupting taxpayers through wiping out debt making them slaves, here at home

We can help others FISH rather than giving them a fish (or even worse the poisoned fish of S.A.P.’s) by allowing capitalization without the interest accumulating debt and without making the taxpayer an open wallet charity for foreign nation-states.


A net sum zero commodity exchange providing NO profit-taking yet allowing NO INTEREST CAPITALIZATION/ LOANS

This would necessarily ensure that the capitalization manifested itself in actual infrastructure and improvement in developing countries.

Thus ALL ships of the nation-state would rise on the same tide.

In addition to establishing a method of help that does not harm and that encourages thankfulness and peace.



This capitalization can occur in the REAL WORLD TODAY to bring peace & prosperity where currently there is only perpetual war & exploitation.

I ask you to examine the evidence of REICHSTAG 911: The day the State of Israel and traitor-slaves in the United States disintegrated our buildings:

WTC #1 #2 AND MOST DETERMINATIVE WTC #7 ALL THREE on September 11 2001

Please see the following sources for this evidence:

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Simon Shacks’ September Clues

Missing Links

My own exhaustive research available for free just for the asking

Email: also visit:

Reichstag 911 was executed in order to generate an illegal unconstitutional war against humanity never-ending (WHO SURRENDERS & WHO EVER PREVAILS?!!?) WAR ON TERROR, that doesn’t just create police state and empire in the USA, in addition to bankrupting the taxpayer & future generations via ‘GRAND THEFT’ treasury- but was PRE-PLANNED & purposeful to establish TWIN EVILS that could NOT be established in any other way:



When JFK found out the state of israel was working on a nuclear weapons development program he told Ben Guerin to cease & desist- Ben Guerin stepped down & JFK & later RFK were assassinated by the CIA & mossad backed 100% by the state of israel & its traitor-slaves in the USA. The reasons for these assassinations are:

1. JFK made peace & de-escalated rather than surrender to war & escalation, thus no war profiteering anarchy could proceed costing ‘team evil’ the ‘opportunity’ to gain profit, medals & esteem, political clout, and ever-expanding military budgets

2. JFK established the issue of a silver-backed treasury note: an ‘honest dollar’; debt free & tied to the commodity-silver; thus removing the ‘war profiteering motive through debt and taxation as a basis for war making.

3. JFK was going to disassemble the CIA for when a nation-state establishes a national security paradigm- it surrenders everything & anything it would want to secure as a nation.

4. JFK was going to remove J. Edgar Hoover from the head of the FBI and he had committed to bringing the advisors home from vietnam (including the helicopter pilots-CIA) once he had secured re-election. In addition he would have passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act the justice department under his brother RFK was preparing.

5. JFK’s stewardship of the economy and commitment to diplomacy was demonstrating that you can have PEACE AND PROSPERITY thus exposing the LIE that war is good for the economy.

6. The ‘final straw’ was his forbidding the state of israel from having the nuclear bomb, thus:

1. state of israel assassination of UN Peace Mediator Count Folke Bernadotte

2. state of israel murders 84 & wounds 174 in attack upon unarmed USS Liberty

3. state of israel mossad & CIA assassinate JFK & RFK

4. state of israel mossad & CIA along with traitor-slaves in the USA murder 300+ firefighters & 3000+ innocent Americans on REICHSTAG 911 and then 100 000 civilians around the world under the LIE that Al Qaeda was guilty of the attacks

5. state of israel murders Rachel Corrie in cold blood

are ALL proofs that the state of palestine MUST be re-established with the palestinian jews & palestinian arabs living in peace again together (prior to WWI). Jerusalem should be made an international city and immigration should be regulated by the international community.

Foreclosing the possibility that any side will gain statehood or increase its borders through war, murder, assassination ect. will finally remove the overriding obstacle to REAL & lasting peace.

As long as the state of israel exists the push & demand for the establishment of BIBLICAL BORDERS necessitating the eradication of 10 countries & 60 million people will also exist & predominate as the absolute unifying motive for world jewery- thus this will be used as the rationalization & justification as well as the base of operations to destroy ALL economies & nation-states: to force establishment of BIBLICAL BORDERS upon all the peoples of the world.

However, that is explanation; I now turn to pipelinistan (the reward for the traitor-slaves in the US for their support of BIBLICAL BORDERS & payment for their help with REICHSTAG911 & the cover-up of items #1-5 above) So that this doctrine I propose can be demonstrated to be the mechanism that brings peace & prosperity where there is currently only the prospect for continuing perpetual war for profits.


Pipelinistan is the other evil anti-purpose that the never-ending War on Terror was established via REICHSTAG 911 to create.

FACT 1: UNOCAL lost 2 billion dollars when the Taliban in Afghanistan told them to leave the country.

FACT 2: Dick Cheney while at Halliburton sold the cascade centrifuge technology to Iran that is now being used to threaten regime change in Iran.

FACT 3: Bill Clinton was in Kazakhstan ramping up the uranium mining interests while wifee was in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee waging her finger about Kazak Human Rights Abuses.

FACT 4: The Caspian Sea oil reserves are estimated to be of about $7 trillion dollars in value.

FACT 5: To build a pipeline from the Caspian Sea to the populous regions in China would be totally unfeasible for many reasons (analysis available upon request). However to build a pipeline from the Caspian Sea SOUTH to the Arabian Sea and set up refineries on the northern coast of the Arabian Sea- where ports can harbor supertankers that can ship the refined products by ocean to China- is totally feasible: UNDER THE WAR ON TERROR RUBRICK

I define ‘PIPELINISTAN’ generally as the exploitation of the resources in the middle east via corporofacism and the state of israel- the paradigm of never-ending perpetual war via the War on Terror is a mechanism that allows this policy most foreign to proceed unchecked & much more easily executable, without any concerns of dissent & real opposition.(bush clinton obama = same team, same policies, different day)

Specifically, in the instant case, ‘pipelinistan’ refers to UNOCALS pipeline through: Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

If UNOCAL lost $2 billion dollars when they got kicked out of Afghanistan then how can they: NOT JUST return to Afghanistan but proceed with a pipeline through a multitude of countries; in such an unstable & chaotic region with the expectation of profits and without fear that they will lose an even greater investment with nothing but wasted time & capital to show for it when the next conflict arises?


if Kazakhstan were to demand more cash or simply do what the taliban did then the mossad/ CIA could easily acquire some uranium from Kazakhstan and make a dirty bomb setting it off in say Lebanon (like the 1 million cluster bombs recently = war crime- cluster bombs don’t ask if someone is a terrorist before they go off and they mostly kill civilians & children), or Syria, or Egypt…then they blame Al Qaeda and hire an honest broker like Joe Wilson and this time unlike the ‘yellow cake’ lie he would investigate and say yes, this uranium came from Kazakhstan…under the current war on terror that would allow regime change! Kazakhstan would have a puppet government installed like karzai in Iraq, or the Shah of Iran (in wake of ’58 [sic ‘52]CIA coup of Mossedeq because he kicked BP out of Iran and said Iran oil is for Iranians)…and SHAZAM- UNOCAL is back in business…any of these four countries: Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and/or Pakistan could be dealt with this way and keep in mind that the one country bound as friend to the USA is Pakistan (the one nuclear power!)

This is the other evil anti-purpose of the war on terror-it allows pointing the finger and based upon accusations false or not forcing regime change in order to exploit resources of these invaded foreign countries for the benefit of israel & the corporofacists of the west & world. How my doctrine helps is because it can bring peace & prosperity where war & exploitation now exist.

I propose that the capitalization possible under the matrix commodity exchange offer NO INTEREST capitalization/loans that can be used to create:


in which Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan ALL OWN the pipeline and share in it’s revenues!

It is the inability of these countries to acquire capitalization that leaves them prey to the state of israel and corporofacists along with their traitor-slaves who have taken over the United States Government under bush clinton & obama (oblivious).

If Kazakhstan & Turkmenistan could develop production capacity, and all of them including Afghanistan, and Pakistan built the ‘PEACE-PIPE’ LINE with Pakistan developing the refineries & ports for the supertanker ships then ALL could have prosperity without being exploited: neither by the Debt-SAP corporofacist mechanism of enslavement & theft; nor via the war on terror where such debt & SAP’s aren’t even offered.

In addition the ‘PEACE- PIPE’ LINE could have BOTH manual & automatic ‘GATE VALVE’ doors acting BOTH as

1. A safety feature/environmental protection AND AS

2. A political instrument that can help maintain the peace then established, to wit:

Each country would thereby be able to shut off oil flow temporarily: individually; or as a coalition amongst themselves; in order to motivate redress for grievance, appearance & participation in honest negotiations, to the end of maintaining the peace and prosperity of all.

ALL the customers of the product: USA, RUSSIA, and CHINA amongst them, would have a very important interest in ensuring peaceful negotiations proceeded and did so rapidly. Abusers would find themselves naturally outnumbered by an array that truly would be a coalition of the just & willing…each of these customers keeping each other in check.

Thus the ‘PEACE-PIPE’ LINE does not just ‘flip the script’ on the current ‘policy most foreign’, it also allows for the maintenance of peace and provides impetus for peaceful dispute mediation…and the ‘PEACE-PIPE ‘LINE is a clear example of how the doctrine of the matrix commodity exchange interest free capitalization mechanism works to generate peace & prosperity in the specific.

Thus the second reason the doctrine should be considered worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize in economics is because it would allow long term very large capitalization, interest free that would help countries instead of exploiting and enslaving them.

This help is a basis for peace and continuing peace. Just as exploitation and slavery are the basis for conflict & war.


The third reason why this doctrine is worthy to be considered for the Nobel Peace Prize in economics is that in placing the value of a nation-states’ currency & it’s economic well-being on Uranium, Plutonium, Gold, Silver, & Platinum a conflation of reasons #1 & #2 produces a third benefit:

The dismantling of nuclear weapon stockpiles & conversion into currency, gold, silver, ect.

It isn’t just that to annihilate an enemy it requires bankrupting oneself, it also establishes the mechanism & method; even perhaps of greater impetus than the test-ban treaty of JFK: to disarm. This doctrine ‘flips the script’ on the bush clinton obama paradigm that encourages proliferation & escalation…that is a real threat of courting oblivion if allowed to continue indefinitely. Instead a framework is again established like under JFK’s test-ban treaty whereby there is a reward, inducement, & means to engage in the process of disarmament- a process that takes time & a continuing commitment to that long-term process.

Truly then instead of the death generating ‘beating of ploughshares into swords’…we can again, as under JFK, engage in the life enhancing ‘beating of swords into ploughshares’.

Dismantling nuclear weapons & securing capitalization by transferring nuclear weapons material into bars for trade & backing of nation-state currency is worthwhile in & of itself as a movement towards securing peace in this world.

This peaceful disbursement of these materials and premium for use to back currency and secure/payoff/acquire capitalization/obligations instead of the present environment of nuclear holocaust posturing becoming ever more real a threat of manifestation via war and exploitation will avoid BOTH:

solutions that gear the world towards totalitarianism via world banks; AND world governments; and instead shore up individual nation-state viability via prosperity development and a commitment to peace thus we overturn the policy most foreign of bush clinton obama.

We can then return to the policy of JFK and the incremental diplomatic movement towards disarmament.

Therefore the third reason why this doctrine of a multi-commodity matrix as a basis for currency & a mechanism through which no interest capitalization/loans can be facilitated using Uranium, Plutonium, Gold, Silver, & Platinum as the commodities, should be considered worthy for the Nobel Peace Prize in economics is that it creates the framework for real world peaceful development in the present, establishes a basis for making peace when disputes arise and moves the world away from the bush clinton obama saber rattling impetus for proliferation under the illegal war crime against humanity War on Terror and re-dedicates us to the path of peace and disarmament in the near; and the continuing welcome arrival of: the future.

Liam Brent Kelly April 30th 2012 ‘PEACE-PIPE’ LINE April 30th 2012


After distributing this doctrine I began to get feedback and had to explain certain things- some of these that are the most important to know I include below-


When the United States was a true REPUBLIC: a peaceful nation-state that protected GOD-given human rights & made absolute the democratic manifestations that safeguards REPUBLIC as REPUBLIC (REPUBLIC & democracy being necessary & sufficient conditions: you can’t have one without the other!), it was also an agrarian society.

“By the sweat of your brow shall you earn your bread”

“It rains on the just and the unjust alike”

Due to the vagueness of the natural world and the arbitrary assignment of taxes & tax periods, it is almost definite that in any given year the family farmer would go into debt, however over a ten year period it is just as assured that the same family farmer would overall generate sustainable profits. In order to ensure that such family farms did not go bankrupt a mechanism to provide stability was created for the service of the family farmer & those whose businesses were dependant on supplying these family farms with the means of production.

This was the original raison d’être of a COMMODITIES EXCHANGE.

The honest exchange provides: NO COST INSURANCE.

What happens is that the family farmer who has no idea if the crop ‘will come in this year’ must always have enough capital to purchase his seed & other fundamental elements without which the following years crop cannot be planted and harvested and so he is provided via the commodities exchange with a mechanism that allows him to make two simultaneous & EXACTLY EQUAL trades at the same time:

On the futures market he makes the trade to buy $1000.00 worth of seed for 6 months in the future. The seller agrees to terms and the trade is documented. Regardless of the fluctuation in prices of seed once the 6 months passes the following will be true:

IF the farmer made a ‘profit’ in the FUTURES TRADE THEN he makes a LOSS in the REAL WORLD TRADE and thus it is a net sum zero: ZERO COST INSURANCE transaction as the seller who in this instant case would have made a ‘loss’ in the FUTURES TRADE THEN he makes a profit in the REAL WORLD TRADE.

Both parties have removed the vagueness of calamity from their business dealings and this allows the family farm to prosper always being able to ‘survive’ the lean years by providing ZERO COST INSURANCE so that he can then still be around for the prosperous years.

The rise of corporofacism via the perversion of the CURRENCY, BANKING, TRUST, & COMMODITY EXCHANGES has turned these mechanisms into mechanisms of abuse.

IF any profit-taking is allowed in such a commodity exchange SOMEONE is having their insurance stolen as the net sum zero calculus must be maintained by the strict application of:


There are all kinds of ways to make profits in a REPUBLIC with a capitalist system…THE COMMODITIES EXCHANGE IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

Understanding this allows you to realize why oil is at $100.00+ a barrel when the average cost of worldwide production is about $30-40/barrel (inclusive of the Alberta Tar Sands)…by allowing speculators to make futures trades and take cash out of the system in the form of profits creates a REAL WORLD PROBLEM…especially when all the oilmen become the administration that can at will cause disruptions & the fear of scarcity to drive up future prices to ensure that ‘their bet’ in the FUTURES market always makes them FAT PROFITS.


I think what your fundamental problem with the doctrine relates to banking rather than the currency issue based upon the commodities matrix. This doctrine pre-supposes that the matrix commodities grouping would be the:

RESERVE COMMODITY the currency is pegged to, and whose valuation in addition to GDP, exports over imports, durable goods & inventory over demand, purchasing power, employment…ect. establish the real benchmarks that reveal where your economy is at. Anytime you have an honest dollar & bank you also have a much clearer picture of where your economy is at due to reserve amount and the economic indicators which guide you in regard to how much capitalization you have in play vs. debt obligations. Under the present conditions it is ridiculous to argue that the Dow Jones IS NOT a determinative indication of where an economy is at because even the REAL benchmarks distort reality since the first thing you surrender when you have a dishonest issue & banking system is transparency, real world data, and truth in indices.
In an honest bank as reserves increase it allows greater loan issue and therefore greater profits.
In an honest bank the amount of currency in circulation is [at the maximum] EXACTLY EQUAL TO THE RESERVES that exist.
In fact Washington & the founding fathers wanted to make the issuing of fiat currency a hanging offense… and that was a good policy as when you issue fiat currency you are actually devaluing the currency for everyone…it is an egregious form of fraud & theft that steals from ALL people to the benefit of the few, and it is treason, really, as it sets your country on the path of destruction by destroying the currency & the economy:
In an honest banking system what happens is people bring their gold to the bank- and deposit that gold. This allows the bank to loan out currency based on that gold so that they can charge extra gold (interest) for the use of the gold loaned. This IS NOT USUARY. The bank ends up increasing its reserves and has extra gold above what has been deposited which makes it secure against any bad investments and gives ever greater value to societies currency. An honest issue always takes the form of a DEMAND NOTE, therefore at any time, since they never issue currency greater than reserves, people can get their gold back without any problems.
Overall the bank will make profits as they both get ‘paid’ for making the loan when it is repaid with interest the amount of the interest, AND on loans that fail- when they seize goods/property and sell it to recover the loan and usually on terms that results in greater profits! than if they just got the interest and loan returned!
The bottom line is that over time the honest bank makes profits thereby increasing their reserves over and above the currency in circulation= gold deposits they are obliged to return to the depositor…and each loan increases both the economy and the development of the society such that the people have prosperity, and thus even greater reserves and economic activity takes place. When currency becomes greatly valued then the interest accumulated profit added to the deposited reserves- serves as an opportunity for greater currency issue (AGAIN NEVER EXCEEDING OVERALL RESERVES). Thus the bank can still control currency and all their arguments about stewardship of the economy are all applicable-HOWEVER that range of play IS STRICTLY CAPTURED BY A MAXIMUM AVAILABLE ISSUE EQUAL TO THE TOTAL RESERVES- ABSOLUTELY.

In a dishonest bank the issue of currency exceeds the gold reserves and thus devalues the currency and ensures someone is stolen from when & if there is a run on the bank. This is USUARY…in which people are stolen from and the whole society’s purchasing power is reduced via theft.

In a society where there is an honest bank at work the matrix commodities exchange as suggested will allow that the increased reserves over and above deposits can take the form of Uranium & Plutonium in addition to gold silver & platinum…one must see the reality: that the increase in reserves in an honest system does not just increase prosperity for all at NO ONES EXPENSE; it also ends USUARY where the few get wealthy at EVERYONE’S EXPENSE; and usually devolves almost instantly into war profiteering anarchy.
The system I recommend certainly places a LIFE DEPENDANT aspect on having an honest dollar & honest banking system…but maybe that’s the only way to do it as each time a society starts off with an honest system & prospers- eventually the trolls take over and then the society goes to hell…honor obviously doesn’t ensure the system will long remain honest- even the wholesale destruction of an economy doesn’t stop them they just take their gold elsewhere to another economy and begin reaming those people in a like manner.
So, boo hoo if the implementation of this doctrine results in a Washington/founding fathers type situation where if a bank issues 1 dollar in excess of reserves the whole crew get hung…better them than the 100 000 totally innocent iraqi’s & afghani’s being slaughtered AND the 300+ firefighters & 3000+ Americans that got butchered to initiate and accomplish this latest war profiteering anarchy maneuver for biblical borders & pipelinistan.
It is fact that reserves increase above deposits in an honest system as productivity breeds productivity….and yes you must have faith but when did we decide that human endeavor should proceed without faith rather than encouraging & RELYING ON it as a foundational principal?
PS some have even suggested to me that without the issue of fiat currency wars simply could not be fought (like that’s an argument FOR fiat issues)…NO WARS…gosh that’s really sad (NOT)



The MATRIX COMMODITIES EXCHANGE that utilizes the elements of Uranium, Plutonium, Gold, Silver, & Platinum as the basis for currency and establishes the mechanism through which NO INTEREST capitalization/loans can be provided to nation-states to help them develop and construct the ‘PEACE-PIPE’ LINE in the specific instance would encourage:

  1. Disarmament and disarmament negotiations like what began under JFK & ended under the bush clinton obama war on terror nuclear proliferation doubling down & rolling the dice on escalation;
  1. Help nation-states become prosperous and develop without enslaving foreign peoples or US taxpayers;
  1. Make a way today to engage in construction of a ‘PEACE-PIPE’ LINE and end ‘pipelinistan’ perhaps even end the war on terror outright

Thank you for your time & consideration of this doctrine.

Liam Brent Kelly April 30th 2012


A friend of mine introduced me to WORDPRESS via his blog (please visit and support your local bloggers: and the issue of health care is raised on his blog. I told him I would throw my two cents into the mix and here these thoughts are published. They are very controversial as all TRUTH becomes controversial under a police state and empire. So fair warning many of you are going to be very upset with me…caveat emptor!

Here are my thoughts on: An AMERICAN SYSTEM of Health Care
I: First, I take up problem with old system [pre-purposeful FAIL of Oblivious] because I believe in the GOD given right to life, I also believe in the GOD given right of access to available care that sustains life, since it is not just christian it is also consistent with egalitarianism, democratic manifestation…and yes as I will endeavor to show REAL capitalism & REAL Republic.
II: Second I address Oblivious’ career as a wall street banker shill and demonstrate beyond ANY DOUBT AND TO A MORAL CERTAINTY…he is at it again on the national stage: PURPOSEFUL FAIL to protect his coterie of wall street banker overlords from having to return a cent of their ill-begotten gains sucked out of the peoples’ wallets via the government facilitated transfer of wealth from the poor & middle class to the rich- YES clinton & oblivious ARE BOTH ensuring their IS NO REAL ALTERNATIVE OR OPPOSITION to the bush crime syndicate family policies which true, benefit the augustus bushie war profiteering anarchist clan, but also the entire wall street coterie of banksters.
III: Finally, I provide a solution- AN AMERICAN SYSTEM of Health Care

…because it can be done and even though no ‘you’ won’t and yes ‘you’ ensured we also cannot…yeah prez dude in spite of your PURPOSEFUL FAIL efforts YES WE CAN.

I The United States Health Care System Pre-Oblivious

Was there an impetus to address this issue absent Heil Hitlery Lady MacClinton’s offering to institute a socialist program in the United States as a part of her overarching ambition to march the United States into a North American Union as pre-cursor to a one world government?

Sure. People were getting free care and even though we call this Christian charity, often it was very NOT Christian in nature. It is right and good that we be fiscally responsible and do extra work to balance the books and ensure that no argument can ever be made along the lines of resentment to such Christian charity fostered by a belief that we can’t afford to be Christian. In addition costs were spiraling out of control but that has a lot more to do with the broader landscape ALL economic activity was taking place in thanks to the moderns: post JFK assassination and ancients everyone between assassinations of Lincoln until JFK.

A snapshot into Oblivious’ PURPOSEFUL FAIL PROGRAM is gained through HONEST evaluation of the previous systemic flaws we had been suffering under (ever more gladly in the wake of as some have termed it ‘obamaturd’), for in the beginning, throughout and at the end of the day the systemic flaws that pre-existed HAVE BEEN AMPLIFIED, while whatever possible good could justify the monstrous turd this nationally instituted 50 state policy of FAIL represents is demonstrably ABSENT…worse in fact far worse for the poor and impoverished.


As long as These United States of America rejects the AMERICAN SYSTEM of ECONOMIC PROSPERITY as articulated, & to the degree it was able to be prior to them ALL being assassinated- made manifest, by the patriot triumvirate of Hamilton, Lincoln, & JFK, then ALL economic activity and policy is inappropriately geared.

Economics is a far simpler study than its current anti-stewards would have anyone believe- it is the systemic abuses that they have put in place to suck like vampires upon the people and ensure they are ‘shekled’ & chained economically while fooled into believing that they are free, which is the impetus for their intentionally obscure Orwellian double-speak. If you can balance a home budget then you can balance a government or other balance sheet- these are the EXACT same functions merely with more or less zeros. That truth has been remarked many times before. It is a truth that the only reason any economic policy cannot be rendered fully explicable by its proponents is because they are criminals engaged in hiding their criminal malfeasances- FACT!

Nothing complicated about having a certain amount, spending a certain amount and the result being one of three possible conditions: 1. You still have, 2. You no longer have, 3. You are now in debt- and unless there is total transparency, unless you agreed to terms prior to assuming the debt, AND UNLESS YOU GOT USE OF THE INSTRUMENT- then that debt is in fact slavery…of a certain degree.

So, then what was the pre-existing flaw? Simply put it is found in the gearing and impetus a corrupt sufficiency that drives seemingly by natural effect to seemingly necessary and disastrous results, To Wit:

If you establish a system where rich people get rich by selling drugs legally, where they get richer the more drugs are consumed, and as health care costs rise so does their bottom line- then they will be more than happy to pay $200.00 for a bandage when they get hurt. After all they are making the profits. They get richer the more you consume their product: HEALTH CARE…thus their impetus is to ‘keep you sick’ even if that means creating a trillion dollar industry based on LIES and voodoo called psychology, psychiatry, ect, ect. New ills are conceived specifically to ‘hook’ you up to a SERIES of symptoms treating drugs that in fact INTENTIONALLY generate more symptoms that require yet more drugs.

Now before anyone decides to get all Robespierre and eat the rich- keep in mind that if we killed every rich individual today, we would wake up the next day to witness the spectacle of 100,000,000 individuals previously of the supposed ‘saintly’ poor rising up to do whatever it takes to replace each & every one of them.

Thus, we begin to see what the founding fathers knew, what Hamilton, Lincoln, and JFK knew. There really are ONLY TWO SYSTEMS: the honest one and the dishonest one….FACT!

The AMERICAN SYSTEM is a lot like the sun coming out after a storm…people all over the world bunkered down in the storm stick their hand timidly out the window, dip their toe gingerly into the pool, and dart their heads out with exceptional speed and care to see if in fact the sun is again shinning or is this just another eye of the storm…The AMERICAN SYSTEM, is the AMERICAN SYSTEM not because of any other reason than when the US is engaged in it’s opposite number the whole wide world suffers along with us…such is the nature of empire- ALL EMPIRES ARE EVIL. ALL REPUBLICS to the extent that they are REAL and HONEST are a blessing to all humanity.

So, that was the problem with the pre-existing system, under the VERY anti-American doctrine of supposedly ‘legal’ monopolies called vertically integrated corporations, trusts, and holding companies…PROFITS SOAR for making people sick even if you have to invent a new disease with which to diagnose them and force medication on them to ‘never be able to cure but manage their disease’ forever and a day…FACT!

In such a system where no matter what government regulation you apply it is a fruitless endeavor- an attempt to stem a flood occurring when a crack occurs in the dam through implementing the proverbial finger in the dike, under the pre-existing conditions of NO REGULATION you will NEVER have a functional system…and the poor & impoverished will be the first to become fodder ground up and spit out of the ceaselessly churning machine whose impetus is a cornucopia of EASY wealth for those who used to only dream of establishing such systems in which they could enslave a willing and meek 300 million people as willing cows to be milked and/or slaughtered at will.




1. Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography

by Webster G. Tarpley

Paperback: 595 pages

Publisher: Progressive Press (November 1, 2008)

ISBN-10: 0930852818

ISBN-13: 978-0930852818

Written by the author of the legendary 1992 expose of Bush the elder, this book works from a New Deal point of view. Obama is exposed as a foundation operative and agent of Wall Street finance capital, controlled by Zbigniew Brzezinski, George Soros, and Goldman Sachs. Obama’s mother was an official of the Ford Foundation, the World Bank, and US AID. By all indications, Obama was identified for future political use by Brzezinski at Columbia in 1981-1983, during Obama’s secret lost years. Obama has worked for the Gamaliel Foundation, the Joyce Foundation, the Woods Fund, and the Annenberg Foundation as a community organizer – a poverty pimp, a cynical opportunist who uses suffering people as a political commodity.

The foundation strategy is divide and conquer, pitting blacks against whites against Hispanics against Asians, to prevent any challenge to Wall Street.

Racist provocateurs like Wright and Pfleger, along with Weatherman terrorist bombers Ayers and Dohrn, Obama’s best friends, are cast in this mold. Rezko, Auchi, and Al-Sammarae represent the cesspool of Chicago graft and corruption in which Obama cavorts.

Schooled in Nietzsche and Fanon, Obama qualifies as a postmodern fascist. An Obama administration would strive for brutal economic sacrifice and austerity to finance Wall Street bailouts, and for imperialist confrontation with Russia and China

The above is a direct quote of review found at GOOGLE Books I am sure it is copy written and for purposes of advertising Tarpley’s book: please buy Tarpley’s book


Commentary: Obama’s Accomplishments

By David Boaz

An article that appeared in Huffington Post on July 6, 2012. Now Mirrored on CATO Website


Referencing the Boston Globe story June 27th, Binyamin Appelbaum that focused on :

Obama’s ethics. In this piece, wrote about the housing project Obama created while he was an Illinois state senator.

Original without the ariel photograph still evidence but with the original video:

Grim Proving Ground For Obama’s Housing Policy

Binyamin Appelbaum

Boston Globe June 27 2008

4. Below after this analysis there are other sources listed to check and affirm Barry Soetoreo’s background in Chicago as a PAID WALL STREET BANKER SHILL whose sole purpose is PURPOSEFUL FAIL on behalf of his bankster handlers.

Since the context is Health Care, I will demonstrate rather easily that the PURPOSEFUL FAIL PROGRAM of Oblivious on behalf of his WALL STREET BANKER handlers is in full force and effect, To Wit:

In the 1960’s JFK had RFK, MLK, Malcolm X, ect all HELPING by creating an ‘opposition’ that ‘FORCED’ him to do the right thing…the radicals that wanted nothing to do with the AMERICAN SYSTEM, GOD given rights acknowledged for ALL people, CONSTITUTIONAL restraint of government powers (OK to restrict Federal Gov’t powers when it endeavors to do the right thing but don’t you dare touch state powers that don’t exist and/or are being used abusively to DENY & DISPARAGE GOD given rights)…would sit at a table with JFK and JFK could throw his hands up in the air…guys we got to do something there’s no stopping that brother of mine and I can respect MLK as a man of GOD but that Malcolm X is fix’n to set your businesses on fire with rioting in the street…help me out here we got to do something in the interests of peace and continued prosperity….THAT was the paradigm- obviously those dudes were on it so this is a very simplistic analogy to demonstrate only…so you see JFK RFK et al were always looking for ways to gear the opposition to the good result of peace and prosperity FOR ALL.

Now in the 60’s THE WHOLE WORLD was for EQUAL RIGHTS and for the US delivering on what the founders demanded of us- To form a more perfect UNION. They gave us a good foundation and expected us to make improvements. The WHOLE COUNTRY was also for EQUAL RIGHTS…it was a MINORITY of evil & wicked ignorant imbeciles who were against EQUAL RIGHTS…and yet they made for an extremely militant and difficult political reality to negotiate…and yet because of the efforts of MLK, Malcolm X, RFK, et al…this was a treacherous series of shoals that JFK was negotiating the true ship of state through to safe harbor…prior to him, his brother, MLK, & Malcolm X being assassinated.

So EVEN when the WHOLE WORLD and WHOLE COUNTRY is with you…there is no easy road to bringing the REAL and TRUE AMERICAN SYSTEM into being and maintaining it as a true, real, just, and HONEST system.

Now, we turn towards PURPOSEFUL FAIL GUY:

He is implementing a NATIONAL POLICY. It will be executed by 50 State Governments & Governors and/or the FEDERAL Government…and there is NO WAY ANYONE can honestly with a straight face compare this issue to the 60’s civil rights fight…NO WAY.

There ARE LEGITIMATE ADVESARIES to this policy…disagree or not they are not ignorant imbeciles…they are merely political opposition WITH THE EXACT SAME COMMITMENT TO GOD GIVEN RIGHTS AND CONSTITUTIONAL RESTRAINT OF GOVERNMENT AS THOSE IN FAVOR!….FACT!

So, you don’t and will never have the SAME near universality of approval- for WE ARE AFTER ALL A PEOPLE SUPPOSED TO BE GOVERNED BY ASSENT… so why would anyone expect there to be NO OPPOSITION…or dismiss ALL opposition as crackpots?

Now, regardless of what anyone THINKS- this policy is EITHER NATIONAL or it is run by 50 STATES (or a combination of BOTH- awesomeness!)…so first thing he does: TELLS 1/2 THE POLITICAL COUNTRY TO GO POUND SAND…so who is going to own this legislation after he leaves office when even state governors who are democrat are distancing themselves from the implementation and sidestepping the entire matter as best they can:


HEIL HITLERY LADY MACCLINTON her of the I was a ‘goldwater girl’ who got kicked off the Nixon Watergate investigation for very good reason, the history of MacClinton & Lady MacClintons murder incorporated does not begin in Arkansas with 17 year old Ives and his best friend and proceed with 15 of their friends…but that is without doubt the most damning chapter….SHE WILL FIND IT NECESSARY TO ‘ADMIT’ RELUCTANTLY that Obamacare is no good and the anything but republic republicans who have already paved the way with their own health care policy will join hands with her in a new spirit of bi-partisan spirit and the insurance industry, corporofacism takeover will be a fait accompli with the government the iron rod through which THEY RUN HEALTH CARE ON THEIR TERMS.

The rich will STILL get primo health care and the poor and impoverished will continue to be denied and shuffled off to second tier(if any) care and the only beneficiaries will be same old elites and their political puppets this time Clinton redux.

IF HEIL HITLERY LADY MacCLINTON continues to make moves that sound like nails drug across a chalkboard and someone else wins…NO QUESTION WHAT STAKE DO THEY HAVE IN THAT POLITICAL FIGHT THAT OBLIVIOUS ENSURED WOULD ENSUE…THAT IS NOT ALL…it is NOT JUST that he told 1/2 the political country to go pound sand he also ensured that there would be a DIE HARD CORE OPPOSITION TO HIS POLICY when instead of skirting the abortion issue in his policy decided that HE WOULD FORCE PEOPLE TO PAY FOR ABORTIONS…EVERYONE who is NOT brain dead has witnessed the 40 YEAR opposition to Roe V Wade…you can put a gun to my head and pull the trigger I WILL NEVER SAY AMEN TO ABORTION- JESUS & THE FOUNDING FATHERS SAID AMEN and I SAY AMEN TOO…TO LIFE…the GOD given RIGHT TO LIFE…now I am 50 years old and in those 50 years NO ONE has been able to answer a simple question:


ABORTION is NOT the exercise of a right it is the destruction of a life and it is the ablation OF ALL RIGHTS not just one…FACT!

So, he knows this why not just get the program through and deal with abortion another day in another way why burden an already controversial legislative enactment with a DEAD LETTER ISSUE- THAT WILL NEVER CEASE TO GENERATE A HARD CORE OPPOSITION…any politician would steer clear and get the legislation required and leave that third rail be…not oblivious why not is he stupid?…NO he is not stupid….he certainly isn’t wise but I will never be found calling him George bush stupid…there is ONLY ONE EXPLAINATION- he IS ALSO GENERATING AN OPPOSITION…but this one IS NOT geared to help him succeed but give him someone to blame when he fails…you see if your whole agenda IS PURPOSEFUL FAIL YOU MUST NOT BE RESPONSIBLE…thus the partisan divisions that he creates are DONE WITH A PURPOSE so that he can FAIL and BLAME THIS OPPOSITION….FACT!


Now you talk to Bobby Rush and the people that chose him over Oblivious in Chicago, you speak to people in the housing projects that he supposedly helped, you speak to the people in the schools he supposedly helped- especially talk to all those principles who lost their jobs and the teachers union in Chicago.



The greatness of RFK was not found in his ‘work’ on behalf of his brother…most people were decidedly put off with the ‘evil’ Bobby personality, while sucking it up due to the ‘good’ Bobby personality. Bobby Kennedy had to decide how he would serve humanity as a priest or as an adjunct to his brothers administration. He was pretty much willing to fall on a grenade or be a hatchet man for his brother…all in the interests of putting political capital in the bank his brother could draw upon to get good stuff done. His greatness lay in his ability to recognize that the ways in which the same forces that are all too easily geared to the bad could then be geared to the good. That IS the whole canon of politics right there and he was very very good at it, it was one thing to put up with JFK but when Bobby won the California primary I assure you they would NEVER stop until he was in the ground. He was exposed by doing the work he did for his brother just as his brother gained great political terra firma…if the state of Israel had not initiated the assassination the bozo’s would still see JFK as there kind of liberal…someone reasonable they could deal with…but that BOBBY NO F’ing WAY! So, when people talk about him playing Hamlet and not being able to decide to run and then cutting McCarthy’s throat…they simply do not understand that there is nothing any of us will ever teach Bobby Kennedy about politics and he knew that what he was doing was most likely to result in his death. HE SAW THAT. Those around him as usual did not see what he saw. Yet, he forged ahead because ultimately I believe it came down to one simple question- not what jesus would have him do…nope what would his brother have him do…and into the light he walked.

What then is the secret to gearing these forces so arrayed to the bad to the good…it is much simpler than the bozo’s will ever understand…just as they count on the masses being frozen into apathy by their egregious acts of murder rape torture double-speak and war crimes…wielding an economic weapon of mass destruction in peoples every day lives so too do they have a great weakness that can be exploited all day long- their blindness and the same fears they make others feel to control them.

  1. They WANT the earthly cornbread they have sold their souls for
  2. They don’t want to have to be blatant hypocrites although when push comes to shove no problem
  3. They are willing to go along with a system if they can still be rich and powerful

These are the things that will always be true and thus these are the things you can always use to maneuver them and the world into adopting the AMERICAN SYSTEM.

Case in point…Heil Hitlery Lady MacClinton wants a UNIVERSAL health care system…so if she is just as much a WALL STREET BANKER SHILL as Oblivious AND she is also a servant of the ancient serpent who deceived the whole world aka the father of all lies…doesn’t it stand to reason that the EXACT OPPOSITE of what she is advocating is the TRUTH?!!?

You see simple…the answer is a totally NON-UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE SYSTEM:

Where rich people pay through the a$$, middle class people have all kinds of programs to ensure they do not become NOT middle class…ahhhhnd poor people get free sh*t…as usual.

Now, why on earth would they agree to this:

1. That IS THE REASON THERE IS AN IRON ROD OF THE NATION-STATE: not to oppress the poor and impoverished but to keep the abusers of wealth & power in check- they know that their position is privileged and surely they know that without the nation state they would be lost. This is a favorable country, life is good here- it is good to be an American…so why go to all that work to learn Chinese when you can simply be billionaires instead of trillionaires- you will still be rich.

2. These poor people build the roads and power plants that run your factories, they work the assembly lines producing your widgets that make you rich…a healthy worker is a productive worker and one that will do good work and help keep you rich. They will buy into the system because even though they work to keep your lard a$$ rich- at least their kid can get TOP NOTCH medical care if they get sick…and that is worth working for!

3. These poor folk go off to war to protect richy rich’s a$$ and a$$etts abroad, so their heath is important to National Security

4. Finally jesus said that it is easier to get your lard a$$ through the eye of the needle than it is to get it through the pearly gates…maybe if you don’t fight this too hard then you can stay rich AND get into heaven by being your brothers’ keeper…so you CAN sell this system…and for the die hards…please see #1 that bit about the iron rod of the nation state because when used in a judicious, temperate manner it is a colossally powerful weapon backed by every decent American in this country…ALL 300 000 000 of them minus these few scant richy riches who are so egregiously bucking an otherwise good system & policy…AN AMERICAN SYSTEM…who would argue with that ONLY TRAITORS….we can deal with treason- even richy rich traitors YES WE CAN. So there is ample reason to get on board and if you actually endeavor to make it fair guess what the result is:

We started by speaking of impetus…HOW BEFORE THE IMPETUS WAS TO KEEP YOU HOOKED UP ON DRUGS AND SICK FOREVER…like war forever…while the profits sail on in without an effort…



Rich people still love being rich, if we ate the rich there would still be 100 000 000 people clawing their way into their shoes

So in this paradigm the rich who love being rich and are still excellent at staying rich will do what:

NOW since HEALTH CARE costs them money all of a sudden they want you cured, and back on that factory floor healthy, in uniform heathy tot’n that rifle for ‘the cause’, now health care costs plummet with VERY SUCCESSFUL REGULATORY mechanisms of government that will succeed because success is NOW in the interests of the richy riches of the land who all of a sudden are no longer interested in getting together in gangs plotting the rape of the poor & middle class…once again they are in FULL TILT individual mode hoarding their advantages to ensure it’s the other guy who gets the bill…and with appropriate government oversight all of a sudden health care cost decrease and real people get really cured….PS also we will need a lot of accountants…really good chartered accountants…who ever knew that in an HONEST system those dudes are gold in the bank…and when did I ever say I was against FULL EMPLOYMENT.

The rich will pay for the system, the middle class will pay as they can…and the poor will come and go as all the good Americans speak: of Michaelangelo.



The sisters of mercy roam the landscape

Beating themselves upon back & limb with cane

From their bodies well-worn sackcloth drapes

Ashes make brocades entangled in their hair

Their chorus of moans bewails their sad and sorry outcast state

Harbingers of what is soon to come

Or fixtures & conditions of modern day har meggideon


Transl: The author, copyright August 1999


The signs of the times are all around us, yet we heed them not.

Here is one example culled from the radioactive ocean post the Mark I lemon squeeze known as Fukishima all is well happy happy remain calm please aka 300 tons of radioactive ground water pouring into the pacific ocean every day for 2 years and now we can’t eat fish for 300 years thank you very much corporofacists trolls & their media propaganda propagation …the following is a very deadly and very dead fish full of nasty forms of iodine strontium and bromine so please happy happy remain calm; but DO NOT EAT:

If you wanted to issue fiat currency and inhibit a run on the dollar and an attendant flight to gold….how would you solve that problem:

One way would be to issue naked shorts representing NO PHYSICAL GOLD, sure the small fish would take a beating and their physical gold would fly to foreign shores as the market went into free-fall and stop loss orders were triggered, however at the bottom floor you could pay the losses in the virtual gold naked short offering with US currency, thus the fiat money is issued and no run on the dollar or flight to gold. If you are the fed you can then take profits as you gobble up physical gold at bottom with an unlimited bankroll and over the long term accrue increases in value as the market stabilizes…of course there are only so many rounds in that chamber aren’t there…

Thunder & Lightning rent the starless umbrae canopy above

Soon torrential rain will come and desolate plain embrace engorged flood

As forlorn lovers remember & yearn again to be as one

No shelter offered yet eminent maelstrom beckons

Neither the deaf nor blind know mercy on this day

As the sky breaks open and the earth quakes

Their chorus of moans bewails their sad and sorry outcast state

Harbingers of what is soon to come

Or fixtures & conditions of modern day har meggideon


Transl: The author, copyright August 1999

There are always consequences though aren’t there and not always can those consequences be dumped on your victims allowing you sure & unscathed escape… one large scale consequence is the static state condition of the market overall that results, now maybe you are just a huge fan of the cowboy junkies caution horses’ L.P.(do they still make L.P’s) and call this phenomena insurance, no doubt the corporofacists controlling pipelinistan call it the Patriot Portfolio- regardless of what label you give it the transfer of wealth into hard assets in excess of 25% IS a flight in fear and creates unworkable economic solidity that IS NOT SUSTAINABLE in an environment where GDP is over-leveraged with debt obligations to foreign nation-states, the fact that an illegal unconstitutionally funded contradictory war on terror is a never ending perpetual liquidity gobbling black hole being used to transfer wealth from the poor & middle class to the wealthy who then cycle it out of the economy & into hard assets IS simply a vicious cyclical engorgement of this policy most foreign akin to the iconic snake swallowing its own tail for supper- some of us insist that pipelinistan IS just that an ancient serpent that has deceived the whole world.

Vesuvius awakens to claim its unfortunate host

A people ornamented in scorn & customed in hubris

Rue now the day they heeded not the song of the sisters

Their chorus of warnings to leave POMPEII

Too late in futility they devise frantic escape

They hasten instead headlong into deep graves of ash & mud

Their chorus of moans bewails their sad and sorry outcast state

Now frozen in time themselves the signposts become

Fixtures & conditions of modern day har meggideon


Transl: The author, copyright August 1999

Now here is where you can check some facts and answer some questions that have been searing my brain since 2005, to wit:

  1. Did the Chinese just achieve possession of their first ton of gold?
  2. Do the Chinese currently hold over a trillion US dollars?
  3. If gold was trading at $ 299.00 an oz in 2005 and IS now trading north of $ 1600.00/oz how come the Chinese value a trillion US dollars as currency MORE THAN they value investing those dollars in gold and quintrippling their investment via gold over a timespan less than a decade in duration?

AHHHHND here IS where you are hoisted upon your own petard….for if the crazy conspiracy dude who is writing this article can figure this out do you really think all the Chinese are as stupid as bush & palin and could not? In 2005 I had no way of giving Christmas presents to my friends so I gave them an analysis of the market instead which encouraged investment in gold. So if the homeless high school drop-out conspiracy nut guy who has been deprived of his GOD given right to DUE process for 21 years and counting can figure this out what makes you think the Chinese can’t…they are not the crazy homeless infuriated troll conspiracy nut guy are they?

Final Question: If the Chinese could ensure you were the ones making flip-flops for a bowl of rice a day would they do it? Even if it hurt their own economy…and remember that IS a very agrarian society they got over there aint no one going to starve if they go bankrupt at least not those in power….and oh yeah as far as tanking their own economy goes….I heard a rumor…they are HARD LINE RED COMMIE BASTARDS over there….don’t know just sayin. What IS known presently IS that china has already engaged in trade using the yen as the reserve currency- FACT!

Archeologist Thomas: “This will do, its brush & hand from here on in”

Archeologist Mathew: “There are so many, it must have been sudden”

Archeologist Thomas: “Not necessarily Matty, the Ancients too had shepherds that mislead them”

Archeologist Mathew: “Yes Thomas, too true”

Archeologist Thomas: “…and that theory will be borne out if evidenced by almost an exclusive body of poor & middle class…”

Archeologist Mathew: “You think the affluent had the means to get away”

Archeologist Thomas: “…I think that the rich stayed away, it was the people who worked & lived at this ancient resort who perished not those they served…there are always those available to appease the masses in the face of calamity…”

Archeologist Mathew: “Yes I see, who will easily agree to uproot themselves and risk all, their home, livelihood…”

Archeologist Thomas: “Precisely, only if we find a heavy sprinkling of the rich can we assume the event was sudden…”

Archeologist Mathew: “So, it may have been months of activity…”

Archeologist Thomas: “…and heavier coffers for any so called priests willing to provide divine interpretation and an acceptable appeasement remedy that would protect those who stayed…”

Archeologist Mathew: “Good Lord, do we ever learn…”

Archeologist Thomas: “…Ahh there is our benefactor Mr. Grapallovit, you continue on here Matty I will return shortly…”

Archeologist Mathew: “Certainly, if I want to marry Samantha I will need to get paid…”

Archeologist Thomas: “Indeed Matty, indeed…”

Mr. Grapallovit: “Thomas this is wonderful, it is even better than we could have imagined, have you everything you require…”

Archeologist Thomas: “Yes, sir Mr. Grapallovit, we are turning to brush & hand removal as we have reached what we believe is street level & already as you can see there is an excellent number of specimens very well preserved…”

Mr. Grapallovit: “This is so exciting, we can’t wait until we can begin the tours, I don’t have to tell you what this will do for our tourist revenues; Thomas you and Mathew will be getting quite the accolades so prepare yourself for a great deal of activity…”

Archeologist Thomas: “Sir, we can’t thank you & corporate enough for your support, this has certainly been a model of how business and science can partner together for everyone’s benefit…”

Mr. Grapallovit: “I will be bringing the interior secretary and his staff through this afternoon so I will leave you to it, and prepare, this is a great day Thomas for the community, the country, the world & all of posterity…”

Archeologist Thomas: “Thank you sir, we appreciate everything you have done to make all of this possible…”

The horizon seem to stretch to infinity as beautiful blue azure ocean reached up to hug the clear blue sky, the white sand of the beach an enticing invitation to cool breezes and lazy afternoons bathing is sea & sun. The mountain in the distance was formidable, but set in this paradisial surrounding it did not impose and dominate always, around its circumference & base a great many people prospered, farming the mineral rich soils. A light wisp emanated from the behemoth’s top, every once and awhile a hiccup or cough, would interrupt the pleasant day, but after a timid moment of hesitation faces tinged with faint traces of shame would forget and turn back again to their labors and the labor of enjoying their day.

Excerpt from THE MODERNS’  

The author, copyright April 2nd, 2014

During the primaries Oblivious was caught telling tales out of school, the Prime rib of beef Minister of the socialist bastion of the british empire to the north of us dropped the dime, him being partial to the anything but republic republicans rather than the anything but democracy democrats- he let everyone know that while Oblivious was making speeches about NAFTA taking U.S. jobs and hurting the American worker, behind closed doors he told the ‘gruppenfuehers of the free world’ that he was ‘JUST KIDDING’ and had no intention of ever repealing NAFTA! So, those speeches were lies just to appease the unruly & unemployed masses, but do you know the extent of the ruse, I think not. I believe I do. The Prime rib of beef Minister after all can only go so far and he is after all a bush sycophant.

Try this: google the word AMERO

Then google the Mexican American Canadian Union

Just see if that’s all just conspiracy nonsense so you can shut me up with your replies

I foretell of the purposeful implosion of the U.S. Dollar and purposeful tanking of the U.S.economy and in the scream for jobs jobs jobs that ensues labor & the unions will align again with the corporofacists and that XL pipeline will go down in history as the first physical manifestation of a Mexican American Canadian Union…and all the signs were there for you to see and all the soothsayers were shunned and scorned.

I don’t care if you are dishonest with me but be honest with yourselves:

When there is an American Union & Mexicans can stuff 5 people in a truck and drive that truck into the ground 24 7 365, they will turn the key to that truck ONCE & every gain made by the truckers over the century will be gone as independent dispatch companies arise all over America to take the profits thereby. Now is that a fact or not a fact….when there are no jobs what will you do…and just like that no more United States of America….too easy

Lemmings eager for a pied piper to follow over the cliff… ECONOMEGIDDIO- IT IS ALREADY HERE

LIAM BRENT KELLY, copyright April 2nd 2014


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Reichstag911= Biblical Borders & Pipelinistan How Corporofacism & the State of Israel have taken over America

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Church In The Park

Welcome to your new home on


Reichstag911= Biblical Borders & Pipelinistan How Corporofacism & the State of Israel have taken over America

The Daily Post

The Art and Craft of Blogging

The Blog

The latest news on and the WordPress community.