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A friend of mine introduced me to WORDPRESS via his blog (please visit and support your local bloggers: and the issue of health care is raised on his blog. I told him I would throw my two cents into the mix and here these thoughts are published. They are very controversial as all TRUTH becomes controversial under a police state and empire. So fair warning many of you are going to be very upset with me…caveat emptor!

Here are my thoughts on: An AMERICAN SYSTEM of Health Care

I: First, I take up problem with old system [pre-purposeful FAIL of Oblivious] because I believe in the GOD given right to life, I also believe in the GOD given right of access to available care that sustains life, since it is not just christian it is also consistent with egalitarianism, democratic manifestation…and yes as I will endeavor to show REAL capitalism & REAL Republic.

II: Second I address Oblivious’ career as a wall street banker shill and demonstrate beyond ANY DOUBT AND TO A MORAL CERTAINTY…he is at it again on the national stage: PURPOSEFUL FAIL to protect his coterie of wall street banker overlords from having to return a cent of their ill-begotten gains sucked out of the peoples’ wallets via the government facilitated transfer of wealth from the poor & middle class to the rich- YES clinton & oblivious ARE BOTH ensuring their IS NO REAL ALTERNATIVE OR OPPOSITION to the bush crime syndicate family policies which true, benefit the augustus bushie war profiteering anarchist clan, but also the entire wall street coterie of banksters.

III: Finally, I provide a solution- AN AMERICAN SYSTEM of Health Care

…because it can be done and even though no ‘you’ won’t and yes ‘you’ ensured we also cannot…yeah prez dude in spite of your PURPOSEFUL FAIL efforts…YES WE CAN.

I The United States Health Care System Pre-Oblivious

Was there an impetus to address this issue absent Heil Hitlery Lady MacClinton’s offering to institute a socialist program in the United States as a part of her overarching ambition to march the United States into a North American Union as pre-cursor to a one world government?

Sure. People were getting free care and even though we call this Christian charity, often it was very NOT Christian in nature. It is right and good that we be fiscally responsible and do extra work to balance the books and ensure that no argument can ever be made along the lines of resentment to such Christian charity fostered by a belief that we can’t afford to be Christian. In addition costs were spiraling out of control but that has a lot more to do with the broader landscape ALL economic activity was taking place in thanks to the moderns: post JFK assassination and ancients everyone between assassinations of Lincoln until JFK.

A snapshot into Oblivious’ PURPOSEFUL FAIL PROGRAM is gained through HONEST evaluation of the previous systemic flaws we had been suffering under (ever more gladly in the wake of as some have termed it ‘obamaturd’), for in the beginning, throughout and at the end of the day the systemic flaws that pre-existed HAVE BEEN AMPLIFIED, while whatever possible good could justify the monstrous turd this nationally instituted 50 state policy of FAIL represents is demonstrably ABSENT…worse in fact far worse for the poor and impoverished.


As long as These United States of America rejects the AMERICAN SYSTEM of ECONOMIC PROSPERITY as articulated, & to the degree it was able to be prior to them ALL being assassinated- made manifest, by the patriot triumvirate of Hamilton, Lincoln, & JFK, then ALL economic activity and policy is inappropriately geared.

Economics is a far simpler study than its current anti-stewards would have anyone believe- it is the systemic abuses that they have put in place to suck like vampires upon the people and ensure they are ‘shekled’ & chained economically while fooled into believing that they are free, which is the impetus for their intentionally obscure Orwellian double-speak. If you can balance a home budget then you can balance a government or other balance sheet- these are the EXACT same functions merely with more or less zeros. That truth has been remarked many times before. It is a truth that the only reason any economic policy cannot be rendered fully explicable by its proponents is because they are criminals engaged in hiding their criminal malfeasances- FACT!

Nothing complicated about having a certain amount, spending a certain amount and the result being one of three possible conditions: 1. You still have, 2. You no longer have, 3. You are now in debt- and unless there is total transparency, unless you agreed to terms prior to assuming the debt, AND UNLESS YOU GOT USE OF THE INSTRUMENT- then that debt is in fact slavery…of a certain degree.

So, then what was the pre-existing flaw? Simply put it is found in the gearing and impetus a corrupt sufficiency that drives seemingly by natural effect to seemingly necessary and disastrous results, To Wit:

If you establish a system where rich people get rich by selling drugs legally, where they get richer the more drugs are consumed, and as health care costs rise so does their bottom line- then they will be more than happy to pay $200.00 for a bandage when they get hurt. After all they are making the profits. They get richer the more you consume their product: HEALTH CARE…thus their impetus is to ‘keep you sick’ even if that means creating a trillion dollar industry based on LIES and voodoo called psychology, psychiatry, ect, ect. New ills are conceived specifically to ‘hook’ you up to a SERIES of symptoms treating drugs that in fact INTENTIONALLY generate more symptoms that require yet more drugs.

Now before anyone decides to get all Robespierre and eat the rich- keep in mind that if we killed every rich individual today, we would wake up the next day to witness the spectacle of 100,000,000 individuals previously of the supposed ‘saintly’ poor rising up to do whatever it takes to replace each & every one of them.

Thus, we begin to see what the founding fathers knew, what Hamilton, Lincoln, and JFK knew. There really are ONLY TWO SYSTEMS: the honest one and the dishonest one….FACT!

The AMERICAN SYSTEM is a lot like the sun coming out after a storm…people all over the world bunkered down in the storm, stick their hand timidly out the window, dip their toe gingerly into the pool, and dart their heads out with exceptional speed and care to see if in fact the sun is again shinning or is this just another eye of the storm…The AMERICAN SYSTEM, is the AMERICAN SYSTEM not because of any other reason than when the US is engaged in it’s opposite number the whole wide world suffers along with us…such is the nature of empire- ALL EMPIRES ARE EVIL. ALL REPUBLICS to the extent that they are REAL and HONEST are a blessing to all humanity.

So, that was the problem with the pre-existing system, under the VERY anti-American doctrine of supposedly ‘legal’ monopolies called vertically integrated corporations, trusts, and holding companies…PROFITS SOAR for making people sick even if you have to invent a new disease with which to diagnose them and force medication on them to ‘never be able to cure but manage their disease’ forever and a day…FACT!

In such a system where no matter what government regulation you apply it is a fruitless endeavor- an attempt to stem a flood occurring when a crack occurs in the dam through implementing the proverbial finger in the dike, under the pre-existing conditions of NO REGULATION you will NEVER have a functional system…and the poor & impoverished will be the first to become fodder- ground up and spit out of the ceaselessly churning machine whose impetus is a cornucopia of EASY wealth for those who used to only dream of establishing such systems in which they could enslave a willing and meek 300 million people as willing cows to be milked and/or slaughtered at will.



1. Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography

by Webster G. Tarpley

Paperback: 595 pages

Publisher: Progressive Press (November 1, 2008)

ISBN-10: 0930852818

ISBN-13: 978-0930852818

Written by the author of the legendary 1992 expose of Bush the elder, this book works from a New Deal point of view. Obama is exposed as a foundation operative and agent of Wall Street finance capital, controlled by Zbigniew Brzezinski, George Soros, and Goldman Sachs. Obama’s mother was an official of the Ford Foundation, the World Bank, and US AID. By all indications, Obama was identified for future political use by Brzezinski at Columbia in 1981-1983, during Obama’s secret lost years. Obama has worked for the Gamaliel Foundation, the Joyce Foundation, the Woods Fund, and the Annenberg Foundation as a community organizer – a poverty pimp, a cynical opportunist who uses suffering people as a political commodity.

The foundation strategy is divide and conquer, pitting blacks against whites against Hispanics against Asians, to prevent any challenge to Wall Street.

Racist provocateurs like Wright and Pfleger, along with Weatherman terrorist bombers Ayers and Dohrn, Obama’s best friends, are cast in this mold. Rezko, Auchi, and Al-Sammarae represent the cesspool of Chicago graft and corruption in which Obama cavorts.

Schooled in Nietzsche and Fanon, Obama qualifies as a postmodern fascist. An Obama administration would strive for brutal economic sacrifice and austerity to finance Wall Street bailouts, and for imperialist confrontation with Russia and China

The above is a direct quote of review found at GOOGLE Books I am sure it is copy written and for purposes of advertising Tarpley’s book: please buy Tarpley’s book


Commentary: Obama’s Accomplishments

By David Boaz

An article that appeared in Huffington Post on July 6, 2012. Now Mirrored on CATO Website


Referencing the Boston Globe story June 27th, Binyamin Appelbaum that focused on :

Obama’s ethics. In this piece, wrote about the housing project Obama created while he was an Illinois state senator.

Original without the ariel photograph still evidence but with the original video:

Grim Proving Ground For Obama’s Housing Policy

Binyamin Appelbaum

Boston Globe June 27 2008

4. Below after this analysis there are other sources listed to check and affirm Barry Soetoreo’s background in Chicago as a PAID WALL STREET BANKER SHILL whose sole purpose is PURPOSEFUL FAIL on behalf of his bankster handlers.

National Socialist Health Care

Since the context is Health Care, I will demonstrate rather easily that the PURPOSEFUL FAIL PROGRAM of Oblivious on behalf of his WALL STREET BANKER handlers is in full force and effect, To Wit:

In the 1960’s JFK had RFK, MLK, Malcolm X, ect all HELPING by creating an ‘opposition’ that ‘FORCED’ him to do the right thing…the radicals that wanted nothing to do with the AMERICAN SYSTEM, GOD given rights acknowledged for ALL people, CONSTITUTIONAL restraint of government powers (OK to restrict Federal Gov’t powers when it endeavors to do the right thing but don’t you dare touch state powers that don’t exist and/or are being used abusively to DENY & DISPARAGE GOD given rights)…would sit at a table with JFK and JFK could throw his hands up in the air…guys we got to do something there’s no stopping that brother of mine and I can respect MLK as a man of GOD but that Malcolm X is fix’n to set your businesses on fire with rioting in the street…help me out here we got to do something in the interests of peace and continued prosperity….THAT was the paradigm- obviously those dudes were on it so this is a very simplistic analogy to demonstrate only…so you see JFK RFK et al were always looking for ways to gear the opposition to the good result of peace and prosperity FOR ALL.

Now in the 60’s THE WHOLE WORLD was for EQUAL RIGHTS and for the US delivering on what the founders demanded of us- To form a more perfect UNION. They gave us a good foundation and expected us to make improvements. The WHOLE COUNTRY was also for EQUAL RIGHTS…it was a MINORITY of evil & wicked ignorant imbeciles who were against EQUAL RIGHTS…and yet they made for an extremely militant and difficult political reality to negotiate…and yet because of the efforts of MLK, Malcolm X, RFK, et al…this was a treacherous series of shoals that JFK was negotiating the true ship of state through to safe harbor…prior to him, his brother, MLK, & Malcolm X being assassinated.

So EVEN when the WHOLE WORLD and WHOLE COUNTRY is with you…there is no easy road to bringing the REAL and TRUE AMERICAN SYSTEM into being and maintaining it as a true, real, just, and HONEST system.

Now, we turn towards PURPOSEFUL FAIL GUY:

He is implementing a NATIONAL POLICY. It will be executed by 50 State Governments & Governors and/or the FEDERAL Government…and there is NO WAY ANYONE can honestly with a straight face compare this issue to the 60’s civil rights fight…NO WAY.

There ARE LEGITIMATE ADVESARIES to this policy…disagree or not they are not ignorant imbeciles…they are merely political opposition WITH THE EXACT SAME COMMITMENT TO GOD GIVEN RIGHTS AND CONSTITUTIONAL RESTRAINT OF GOVERNMENT AS THOSE IN FAVOR!….FACT!

So, you don’t and will never have the SAME near universality of approval- for WE ARE AFTER ALL A PEOPLE SUPPOSED TO BE GOVERNED BY ASSENT… so why would anyone expect there to be NO OPPOSITION…or dismiss ALL opposition as crackpots?

Now, regardless of what anyone THINKS- this policy is EITHER NATIONAL or it is run by 50 STATES (or a combination of BOTH- awesomeness!)…so first thing he does: TELLS 1/2 THE POLITICAL COUNTRY TO GO POUND SAND…so who is going to own this legislation after he leaves office when even state governors who are democrat are distancing themselves from the implementation and sidestepping the entire matter as best they can:


HEIL HITLERY LADY MACCLINTON her of the I was a ‘goldwater girl’ who got kicked off the Nixon Watergate investigation for very good reason, the history of MacClinton & Lady MacClintons murder incorporated does not begin in Arkansas with 17 year old Ives and his best friend and proceed with 1/2 dozen of their friends & acquaintances…but that is without doubt the most damning chapter….SHE WILL FIND IT NECESSARY TO ‘ADMIT’ RELUCTANTLY that Obamacare is no good and the anything but republic republicans who have already paved the way with their own health care policy will join hands with her in a new spirit of bi-partisanship and the insurance industry, corporofacism takeover will be a fait accompli with the government the iron rod through which THEY RUN HEALTH CARE ON THEIR TERMS.

The rich will STILL get primo health care and the poor and impoverished will continue to be denied and shuffled off to second tier, (if any) care and the only beneficiaries will be same old elites and their political puppets this time Clinton redux.

IF HEIL HITLERY LADY MacCLINTON continues to make moves that sound like nails drug across a chalkboard and someone else wins…NO QUESTION WHAT STAKE DO THEY HAVE IN THAT POLITICAL FIGHT THAT OBLIVIOUS ENSURED WOULD ENSUE…THAT IS NOT ALL…it is NOT JUST that he told 1/2 the political country to go pound sand he also ensured that there would be a DIE HARD CORE OPPOSITION TO HIS POLICY when instead of skirting the abortion issue in his policy decided that HE WOULD FORCE PEOPLE TO PAY FOR ABORTIONS…EVERYONE who is NOT brain dead has witnessed the 40 YEAR opposition to Roe V Wade…you can put a gun to my head and pull the trigger I WILL NEVER SAY AMEN TO ABORTION- JESUS & THE FOUNDING FATHERS SAID AMEN and I SAY AMEN TOO…TO LIFE…the GOD given RIGHT TO LIFE…now I am 50 years old and in those 50 years NO ONE has been able to answer a simple question:


ABORTION is NOT the exercise of a right it is the destruction of a life and it is the ablation OF ALL RIGHTS not just one…FACT!

So, he knows this why not just get the program through and deal with abortion another day in another way why burden an already controversial legislative enactment with a DEAD LETTER ISSUE- THAT WILL NEVER CEASE TO GENERATE A HARD CORE OPPOSITION…any politician would steer clear and get the legislation required and leave that third rail be…not oblivious- why not?… is he stupid?…NO he is not stupid….he certainly isn’t wise but I will never be found calling him George bush stupid…there is ONLY ONE EXPLAINATION- he IS ALSO GENERATING AN OPPOSITION…but this one IS NOT geared to help him succeed but give him someone to blame when he fails…you see if your whole agenda IS PURPOSEFUL FAIL YOU MUST NOT BE RESPONSIBLE…thus the partisan divisions that he creates are DONE WITH A PURPOSE so that he can FAIL and BLAME THIS OPPOSITION….FACT!


Now you talk to Bobby Rush and the people that chose him over Oblivious in Chicago, you speak to people in the housing projects that he supposedly helped, you speak to the people in the schools he supposedly helped- especially talk to all those principles who lost their jobs and the teachers union in Chicago.



The greatness of RFK was not found in his ‘work’ on behalf of his brother…most people were decidedly put off with the ‘evil’ Bobby personality, while sucking it up due to the ‘good’ Bobby personality. Bobby Kennedy had to decide how he would serve humanity as a priest or as an adjunct to his brothers administration. He was pretty much willing to fall on a grenade or be a hatchet man for his brother…all in the interests of putting political capital in the bank his brother could draw upon to get good stuff done. His greatness lay in his ability to recognize that the ways in which the same forces that are all too easily geared to the bad could then be geared to the good. That IS the whole canon of politics right there and he was very very good at it, it was one thing to put up with JFK but when Bobby won the California primary I assure you they would NEVER stop until he was in the ground. He was exposed by doing the work he did for his brother just as his brother gained great political terra firma…if the state of Israel had not initiated the assassination the bozo’s would still see JFK as there kind of liberal…someone reasonable they could deal with…but that BOBBY NO F’ing WAY! So, when people talk about him playing Hamlet and not being able to decide to run and then cutting McCarthy’s throat…they simply do not understand that there is nothing any of us will ever teach Bobby Kennedy about politics and he knew that what he was doing was most likely to result in his death. HE SAW THAT. Those around him as usual did not see what he saw. Yet, he forged ahead because ultimately I believe it came down to one simple question- not what jesus would have him do…nope what would his brother have him do…and into the light he walked.

What then is the secret to gearing these forces so arrayed to the bad to the good…it is much simpler than the bozo’s will ever understand…just as they count on the masses being frozen into apathy by their egregious acts of murder rape torture double-speak and war crimes…wielding an economic weapon of mass destruction in peoples every day lives so too do they have a great weakness that can be exploited all day long- their blindness and the same fears they make others feel to control them.

  1. They WANT the earthly cornbread they have sold their souls for
  2. They don’t want to have to be blatant hypocrites although when push comes to shove no problem
  3. They are willing to go along with a system if they can still be rich and powerful

These are the things that will always be true and thus these are the things you can always use to maneuver them and the world into adopting the AMERICAN SYSTEM.

Case in point…Heil Hitlery Lady MacClinton wants a UNIVERSAL health care system…so if she is just as much a WALL STREET BANKER SHILL as Oblivious AND she is also a servant of the ancient serpent who deceived the whole world aka the father of all lies…doesn’t it stand to reason that the EXACT OPPOSITE of what she is advocating is the TRUTH?!!?

You see simple…the answer is a totally NON-UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE SYSTEM:

Where rich people pay through the a$$, middle class people have all kinds of programs to ensure they do not become NOT middle class…ahhhhnd poor people get free sh*t…as usual.

Now, why on earth would they agree to this:

  1. That IS THE REASON THERE IS AN IRON ROD OF THE NATION-STATE: not to oppress the poor and impoverished but to keep the abusers of wealth & power in check- they know that their position is privileged and surely they know that without the nation state they would be lost. This is a favorable country, life is good here- it is good to be an American…so why go to all that work to learn Chinese when you can simply be billionaires instead of trillionaires- you will still be rich.
  1. These poor people build the roads and power plants that run your factories, they work the assembly lines producing your widgets that make you rich…a healthy worker is a productive worker and one that will do good work and help keep you rich. They will buy into the system because even though they work to keep your lard a$$ rich- at least their kid can get TOP NOTCH medical care if they get sick…and that is worth working for!
  1. These poor folk go off to war to protect richy rich’s a$$ and a$$etts abroad, so their heath is important to National Security
  1. Finally jesus said that it is easier to get your lard a$$ through the eye of the needle than it is to get it through the pearly gates…maybe if you don’t fight this too hard then you can stay rich AND get into heaven by being your brothers’ keeper…

…so you CAN sell this system…and for the die hards…please see #1 that bit about the iron rod of the nation state because when used in a judicious, temperate manner it is a colossally powerful weapon backed by every decent American in this country…ALL 300 000 000 of them minus these few scant richy riches who are so egregiously bucking an otherwise good system & policy…AN AMERICAN SYSTEM…who would argue with that- ONLY TRAITORS- we can deal with treason- even richy rich traitors… YES WE CAN. So there is ample reason to get on board and if you actually endeavor to make it fair guess what the result is:

We started by speaking of impetus…HOW BEFORE THE IMPETUS WAS TO KEEP YOU HOOKED UP ON DRUGS AND SICK FOREVER…like war forever…while the profits sail on in without an effort…



Rich people still love being rich, if we ate the rich there would still be 100 000 000 people clawing their way into their shoes

So in this paradigm the rich who love being rich and are still excellent at staying rich will do what:

NOW since HEALTH CARE costs them money all of a sudden they want you cured, and back on that factory floor healthy, also in a uniform & heathy tot’n that rifle for ‘the cause’, now health care costs plummet with VERY SUCCESSFUL REGULATORY mechanisms of government that will succeed because success is NOW in the interests of the richy riches of the land who all of a sudden are no longer interested in getting together in gangs plotting the rape of the poor & middle class…once again they are in FULL TILT individual mode hoarding their advantages to ensure it’s the other guy who gets the bill…and with appropriate government oversight all of a sudden health care cost decrease and real people get really cured….PS also we will need a lot of accountants…really good chartered accountants…who ever knew that in an HONEST system those dudes are gold in the bank…and when did I ever say I was against FULL EMPLOYMENT.

The rich will pay for the system, the middle class will pay as they can…and the poor will come and go…as all the good Americans speak: of Michaelangelo.