Today was the last day of publication for the Rocky Mountain News leaving Denver with ONLY ONE newspaper- a state of affairs that has repeated itself over & over & over again throughout these United States of America.

I have come not to eulogize The Rocky Mountain News’ End but to Analyze it-for in examining its demise we can gain insight into a systemic problem that hopefully we will be wise and courageous enough to recognize and equally then reverse our present woefully misguided course…

FRT PG Rocky Mountain Times

The TRUTH is an inexhaustible resource that the wise-man can plume unto eternity scarcely dinting the surface, PROPAGANDA on the other hand TOTALLY DIFFERENT STORY.

Here is how it works…there is a real douche, (The ORIGINAL douche-unnamed, for the purposes of his continued existence), and he decides he is very cute & clever so he gets himself hooked up with some earthly political cornbread by helping a few deep pocketed douches just like himself, (also unnamed for same said purposes), gobble up ALL the different media forms in the same media markets…some of us call this a monopoly- NOT dude & his crew though- NOPE – that’s what makes them douches: they make up other words for monopoly and then by substituting those words for monopoly…SHAZAM…it’s free market capitalism straight from the American Heartland…as good as apple pie…of course it’s a monstrous turd- but you see they also call this monstrous turd: apple pie! so eat up y’all.

Now after these deep pocketed douches gobble up all these ‘media entities’ we have a SYSTEMIC & STRUCTURAL PARADIGM in place that represents a serious attack on the 1st Amendment to the CONSTITUTION of these United States of America :

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

You see they figured it out!…so cute, oh so clever…since the government can’t do that- well then, ‘We The Corporations’ can…YES WE CAN:

We The Corporations I

AND so you see this new paradigm takes root and everyone is scrambling for cornbread, and now it is becoming more & more important to tow the ‘party’ line and be a ‘team’ player…or else….stop hoofing around ‘goyim’ or it’s off to the slaughterhouse for YOU!


….and yet The Rocky Mountain News is DEAD…FACT!

Here is how the douche that started it all gets paid:

So now that the paradigm is ensconced comfortably amongst us how could that be harm the corporations love us they are our big brother…who needs GOD we have OUR CORPORATIONS who bring us heaven:

Our Corporations in Gaelge

The problem is derived from the statement I made earlier and the fact that it is the TRUTH:

“The TRUTH is an inexhaustible resource that the wise-man can plume unto eternity scarcely dinting the surface”

In concert with a TRUTH that has yet to be revealed:


So, a deep pocketed douche sits at a desk and as he surveys the KINGDOM HE HAS CREATED: 105 Newspapers, 57 T.V.Stations, 75 Radio Stations he snickers with delight at all he and the ORIGINAL douche has wrought. He hears a knock on his boardroom door and welcomes into his offices a man with an exceptional amount of hubris who states brazenly:

“BOSS, I am going to tell you something of great import in the next five minutes and afterwards you are going to give me a million dollars & send me to the Bahamas on an all expenses paid vacation for a month and when I return you are going to give me a great big office right next to yours and a salary of $ 250,000 a year”

Our deep pocketed douche is completely startled, he is speechless, his eyes dart to the calender it can’t be April 1st, it’s fall, he wonders shall I call security, is this some joke he does not ‘get’.

The man continues: “BOSS you own 105 Newspapers, 57 T.V.Stations, 75 Radio Stations and at each one you pay a complete staff of reporters, editors, and all kinds of people to provide each seperate entity with the news- why don’t you just pay me $250,000 a year and I will sit in an office next door and you can even read what I write before it is released and then you can send it to EVERY entity you own and fire all the staff- you would save millions”

Our deep pocketed douche has an even bigger smile on his face now, then he did before the man had knocked on his door…the man receives his million dollar bonus and is on his way to the Bahamas…you see why would anyone pay an editorial staff for every newspaper they own when they can have one person write the news and distribute it to all of them, why have a staff at each TV station and radio station when all you need to do is to take the same story and give it a ‘precis treatment’ before distributing it to all of them…why would anyone not? In this paradigm you get to decide what stories & content you like and THAT is what gets published- in fact you can have meetings with your advertisers they can all gather in your office and then the door to the office next door opens and the advertisers can even give input directly to the writer on what they think is good editorial content and what makes good editorial stories…it’s corporofacist heaven…and the MOST WONDERFUL THING OF ALL IS THAT WHEN EVERYONE REPEATS THE SAME MESSAGE EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME WITH NO REAL OPPOSITION OR ALTERNATIVE….well then who needs the truth…you MAKE the truth…yes indeed it is a corporofacists dream come true:


I promised that I would explain to you how the ORIGINAL DOUCHE gets PAID…oh this is so hysterical…it is such awesomeness…you see the ORIGINAL douche cobbled this monstrous turd-apple pie- together while he WAS THE MAN…and now that his wonderful deep pocketed douche friends are ALL RICH and everything they say IS THE TRUTH…well don’t you know:

now his wifee gets her chance to BE THE MAN…and EVERYONE WILL FALL IN LINE…how can they NOT…now literally,(pun very much intended), their really IS no opposition or alternative nor can there be- can there…OH NO YOU CAN’T…FACT!

So now you know why as of today Denver only has ONE newspaper: because what’s good for the corporations is good for the american people….right!

AHHHHND now you know why I do not come to eulogize The Rocky Mountain News’ End- for when it suited these people who have just discovered that corporofacism is NOT capitalism and that the corporofacists are not benevolent brothers or a benevolent god they ‘tricked themselves into believing’- they were more than happy to censor stories, content, commentary to their articles, and happy to have editors & admen influence their stories, they had no problem being willing propaganda propagation machine agents…and now their loyalty has been betrayed…

perhaps that loyalty was misplaced…perhaps their loyalty should have been to the TRUTH. They were as of yesterday journalists weren’t they?

For as I wrote above and again write here:

“The TRUTH is an inexhaustible resource that the wise-man can plume unto eternity scarcely dinting the surface”

There is always something going on- and thus there is always an inexhaustible well from which the wise-man can draw upon for all good uses of instruction, affirmation, inference, metaphor, analogy, critique…and yes in the instant case delightful merriment.

MLK once borrowed upon a sermon by Theodore Parker, an abolitionist minister who in 1853 spoke the following words:

 I do not pretend to understand the moral universe. The arc is a long one. My eye reaches but little ways. I cannot calculate the curve and complete the figure by experience of sight. I can divine it by conscience. And from what I see I am sure it bends toward justice.

for all of these torturous 21 YEARS while these media propaganda propagation pimps refused to acknowledge me and my legal case…for all of the unwritten people whose stories we do not know because they, like myself, have been silenced- the end of The Rocky Mountain News is not something to grieve- but to celebrate…for in this dark cold world we have been cosigned to like cattle…we can always be warmed and take comfort in the fact that GOD is after all a just GOD, and those who persecute us in our innocence and aid & abet the persecutors to silence us so that the persecution can begin again anew with the rise of each new dawn…so that they can again profit and be rewarded in their guilt…yes we celebrate:

for justice keeps us warm in the cold dark night.

Liam Brent Kelly copyright July 21 2014