Sandy Hook & The Charleston Church Massacre- False Flag INC.

What do The Sandy Hook School Shootings & The Charleston Church Massacre have in common?

How about they were BOTH False Flag Ops born out of REICHSTAG911 and the insurance reserve fund fraud schemas first revealed by Eric Moebius when he solved the YOGURT SHOP MASS MURDER cold case. LINK HERE: []

You know that there were DRILLS being run that correlate with REICHSTAG911, you also know that there were crisis actors involved at a minimum and represent the TOTALITY of the people involved in the Sandy Hook School Shootings in SUMMA…if there were DRILLS that correlate with the Charleston Church Massacre would that convince you?

The following are relevant screen shots taken on July 1st 2015:

ScreenShot- FLETC 1

ScreenShot- FLETC 2 Locations

ScreenShot- FLETC 3 Schedule