THE UNIVERSAL CYCLE: Re-Visiting Causation- Observation of Doppler Red Shift


Re-Visiting Causation- Observation of the Doppler Red Shift


The plain stretched out as if to make a pathway to the sun. A fiery furnace rising in the east and banishing for the day the eternal starlight companions of the night. A youthful observer surveyed this solitude. It fell upon him suddenly as if a spark had bridged the distance and touching him, started a fire burning deep within…

The man was fit, athletic, a will seemingly co-equal to the Universal forces which bend and shape all that come within their spheres of influence: unyielding, ever-present, absolute. It was a simple resolution in a life impoverished of cause for decisions of any significance or magnitude but it had been forged in the crucible of an intemperate youthful zest and a will to righteousness a fiery furnace arising within his mind that threatened to consume whole- the dormant ungerminated soul:

I will live entirely for GOD and I will cleanse this earth of all GOD ‘s enemies until the whole wide world sings with one voice in praise of him & his magnificence.

The blood poured forth an inexhaustible torrent, day by day and year after year, until it seemed the earth itself was indelibly stained imparting its tainted magenta hues to the reigned setting sun a red saturation ceasing only with consumption within the umbrae of the oncoming night.

The man was old his once rigid shoulder like a high hard plain over which hovered that orb of enlightenment now bent; the proud head & hard eyes no longer projected the absolute of an irresistible force; the athletic body no longer an immovable object: but it was the inner core that had undergone apocalyptic transfiguration and the outward form merely followed a natural arc declining toward the enormous singularity of gravitas deep within.

For in his youth of expedience and action;

In the whirlwind of overcoming: obstacle & challenge;

In the unyielding indifference and the zealousness of righteous purpose;

The narcotic of conqueror over the vanquished;

There had neither been time nor concern

Except to look ever forward; ahead always lay new conquest; further on awaited another enemy of GOD…

For this man whose youth seemed indelibly stamped upon his fine frame and irrevocable absoluteness of inner-self an inexhaustible resource to be drawn upon without limit: old age had sprung in a moment, exploded upon him, laying all of that formidable bearing to ruination & waste seemingly in an instant.

It is held that when the day arrives for a man awakening- his thoughts not turning toward his self, but instead set upon another or some other ones concern, this day he has ceased being a child and truly has become a man…it is observed that for certain ones it is a day that never has or ever will arrive.

The man had in the day of his aging experienced a similar transformational moment but it was of an altogether different identity- for in truth not one day in his life had he chased after the illusion of his own comfort: the general ambition of universal man- he had with all of his heart hungered after GOD- he had in his now jealously remembered vitality dedicated his entire being & purpose to serving that GOD…

Yet the day had arrived when he had turned to look back and was confronted with the pollution of all he had wrought an envenoming temple of derogation constructed & consecrated with his zealousness & righteousness…the malignant rubbish heap of the vanquished no longer in his sight garbed in the cloth tailored by human prejudice: presumed enemies of GOD

They had now, in their corruption & contamination, manifested all that he had been blinded to while they had spent their ardor in vigorous life

For like lightening from a stormy sky in an instant striking one clap more powerful than the magnitude of 100 times the summation of every death fusillade he ever delivered- his hard and vainglorious eyes had opened…he had finally for the first time in all of his life: really seen-

The man had not in the whole of his own time slain a single enemy of GOD…

He had instead been slaying GOD.


Every generation the world is born anew

We live but for a very brief day

And then we are extinguished into infinity

Thrown into eternity clinging to our mortality

A ceaseless rage in protest against our approaching re-births

Yet as we love life and desire no return to the womb

All those in eternity clamor not for the living flesh and corrupt existence of our present

The unwritten beg for extinguishment and gnash their teeth at the day of their birth

And past enthrallment with their then trumpeted contumely

Now understood: impoverished worldly life


The written heed not the irresistible corruption of the flesh

And rejoice in GOD’s infinite embrace of unstainable light.


There are two fundamental phenomena in the Universe:

Singularities & Super Galactic Cluster(s) + every other lesser order and type of energy-matter

The interrelationship of energy-matter is an absolute: there is no such thing as pure energy or pure matter but that everything exists in a state of matter-energy that is in a constant metamorphosis. That since things are happening- they will always happen…the arrival at one condition of equilibrium always displaces another condition of equilibrium in an infinite & constant cycle of energy-matter interactions.

There is no such thing as a pure vacuum or complete absence of everything: even ‘space’ is constituted of energy-matter in the form of electro-magnetic radiation from small high energy particle movement and gaseous particles of matter.

Energy-matter is neither created nor destroyed; it is ever interacting and changing form in a constant metamorphosis

It is the same ‘human centric’ view of the Universe that resulted in the folly:

Of a belief that the earth was flat;

Of a belief that the earth was the center of the solar system;

Of a belief that the galaxy was the entire Universe;

All of these theories were eventually demonstrated to be falsehoods and often those who rejected these presumptive errors and embarked upon the pathway of discovery were considered heretics, even when that process of discovery resulted successfully in the truth- a truth as GOD established it in the creation of the universe & all things within it.

I believe that the observed fact of the DOPPLER RED SHIFT being evidentiary has been applied in support of another similar ‘human centric’ folly of presumption: in that an observed red shift everywhere relative to our observations has thus been postulated as evidence/proof of the origin of the Universe- in a Big Bang.

The Big Bang Theory suggests that the observed DOPPLER red shift is attributable to an expansion of the Universe and thus the theory was derived from this extremely ambitious presumption that the Universe was CREATED- in a Big Bang – and that eventually the Universe will stop this expansion & begin the process of collapse (and according to the FAITH the Big Bang proponents possess- at that point in future time another Big Bang will occur creating another universe).

I do not believe this to be true- it is the same presumptive ‘human centric’ folly that would attribute to the observers’ observation location some ‘special’ magical quality of vantage point that led to the now discredited theories  above.

I believe in a GOD-‘centric’ Universe because I believe that GOD created the Universe and everything in it, I believe this to be the truth and that this creation was made through his word AMEN (Jesus*). I consider this AXIOMATIC in the same way that some consider the opposite as axiomatic- namely that: ‘there is no God’. We both assume our fundamental axiom as self-evident one of us is wrong & one of us is all correct.

I believe that energy-matter are therefore neither created nor destroyed as the creative act was completed by GOD at initio, that energy-matter metamorphoses constantly and infinitely, changing just in form. Since I observe existence & have never observed non-existence I think it is less presumptive to hang my hat on ‘existence exists’ rather than suppose that a moment exists when the Universe is created and/or collapsed to non-existence.

* please see etymology of Jesus name following.


Thus I have work to do!

For the RED SHIFT IS observed fact, AND it is observed everywhere, and in all directions…

Oh no!… quick hand me my calculator….

The following treatise seeks to reconcile the observed DOPPLER RED SHIFT factual evidence with my belief that GOD created the Universe. Thus the framework within which this theory is developed is an affirmation of the following Axioms:

I) That the FATHER created the UNIVERSE through JESUS imparting the HOLY SPIRIT (impetus) into his creation

II) That a fundamental Law of the Natural Universe that the Father Created IS:

Energy-Matter is neither created nor destroyed it merely metamorphoses into different forms.

The doctrine of the BIG BANG is therefore a violation of both of these axioms as the ‘creation’ of the UNIVERSE and it’s expansion & compaction cycle presume both:

The destruction/creation of the UNIVERSE & therefore everything in it by ‘some’ undefined natural phenomena-an impetus that sprang into being and at that same moment was BOTH cause & effect of the ‘first’ Big Bang

This also presumes then a moment of nothingness in the interval preceding the BIG BANG out of which this mystery phenomena impetus cause & effect was birthed.

The advancement of the theory of ‘Dark Matter’ was due to the discrepancy between the measurement of the effects of observable matter and the measurement of the observed matter of a magnitude that simply could not be discounted and ignored. There was then a discrepancy between the summation of the observable matter & postulated dark matter and these same effects…thus for the advancement of the theory of dark energy.

This doctrine resolves the discrepancy as the ‘missing matter’ is contained within extremely large singularities which approach the moment of adiposity and the corollary expansion of these particular singularities’ event horizons. There are NO VOIDS in space- all ‘space’ is filled with the two fundamental phenomena of:

Galactic Super-Cluster(s) + every lesser order & type of energy-matter AND Singularities, and that much mass is contained in these singularities with the resultant extreme distortions of ‘space-time’ around them.

I resolve the problems raised by these questions which have generated answers I consider to be fudge, with the following doctrine:


I believe that four fundamental stages of the:

Galactic Super Cluster(s) + every other lesser order and type of energy-matter dynamic equilibrium interaction with Singularities exist and resolve the problems I have with the BIG BANG & Dark Matter/ Dark Energy, theories.

These four stages represent conditions responsible for imparting initial inertial conditions to all things, responsibility for any/all deviations from those initial inertial conditions, an observable Red Shift condition, a condition of inertial exhaustion, an observable Blue Shift condition, and the dynamic interaction of all energy-matter metamorphosis which occurs within/under these separate and distinct conditions.

These four stages are:


2. ZENITH STAGE: MAXIMUM EXOMORPHIC CONDITION REACHED- Zero Stasis a transition moment where no shift exists


4. NADIR STAGE: MAXIMUM ENDOMORPHIC CONDITION REACHED- Unity Stasis another transition moment where no shift exists


Moment of SINGULARITY ADIPOSITY is both the moment of termination & initiation of a cycle.

Moment of INERTIAL EXHAUSTION is a second condition where A TRANSITORY moment OCCURS between changes in conditions at the outer bound of the inertial condition established via that cycles: last moment of adiposity +/- all other interactions influencing the acceleration- deceleration of the condition(s) inclusive of any/all ‘bumps’ in cycle conditions.


Diagram 1 Universal Cycle


Plotted on the following diagram are TIME & DIRECTION OF CYCLE, against the limits of future space-time inertial conditions (+/- all other interactions influencing the acceleration- deceleration of the condition(s) inclusive of any/all ‘bumps’ in cycle conditions) possibilities:


Diagram 2 Universal Cycle

In a simultaneous series of continuous cycles the two fundamental phenomena of the Universe: Galactic Super Cluster(s) + every other lesser order and type of energy-matter AND Singularities interact. Although there is NO stand alone cycle isolated from influence by all other such cycles-represented above for clarity is one such postulated ‘isolated cycle’.

Argument from analogy:

A singularity can be understood under this theory as a volatile substance being compacted until the compaction process is no longer sustainable. When the volatile substance reaches this point a transformation moment occurs when the volatile substance explodes. While the volatile substance was being compacted it existed, when it reached the moment when the compaction process was no longer sustainable-it existed, and as a conversion to energy takes place in the form of propagating sound & light waves, et al- it also exists: simply having metamorphoses into a new energy-matter condition. This is analogous to what occurs at the defined termination/initiation moment in the Universal Cycle (in truth as with all cycles their is no real initial or terminal point/moment) winter spring summer fall are a continuous cycle that moves in one direction without any initial/terminal stage similarly, yet we arbitrarily define January 1st (winter) as the origin of the year.

The moment of singularity adiposity is defined then as the termination and initiation of a cycle- it is a transition stage between conditions. The singularity ‘swallowing’ energy-matter is not a sustainable process and as the mass increases and the energy radiates from the expanding: singularity event horizon and electro-magnetic radiation last point of escape shell distances,

 Singularity Event Horizon and Electro-Magnetic Radiation Last Point of Escape Shell

Diagram 3 Universal Cycle

[The singularity does not merely have an EVENT HORIZON beyond which electro-magnetic radiation cannot escape it has concentric spheres of thresholds where the various frequencies and energy levels of electro-magnetic radiation are ‘defined’ on the singularity side of these SHELLS the particular electro-magnetic radiation is not sufficiently energetic to propagate on the opposite side of the surface of the sphere that particular electro-magnetic radiation propagates thus it is not that singularities emit gamma rays & x-rays- it is that the next to event horizon radius is the highest energy & frequency electro-magnetic radiation that can resist the singularity swallowing it at the event horizon.]

the singularity reaches a moment of adiposity which I call the NADIR STAGE where a maximum endomorphic condition is reached and a unity stasis exists. The singularity is transformed (I believe inverted) and the next stage occurs which I call the ALPHA STAGE– an exomorphic condition in which a RED SHIFT will be observable and ascension stasis exists. When a moment is reached of maximum exomorphic condition- a moment of inertial exhaustion: another transition moment occurs, which I call the ZENITH STAGE, a zero stasis where no shift exists. The transit from the maximum exomorphic condition to the next stage of the cycle which I call the OMEGA STAGE an endomorphic condition and declination stasis where a BLUE SHIFT is observable then occurs.


Diagram 4 Universal Cycle

Under this doctrine the RED SHIFT is observable during the ALPHA STAGE or exomorphic condition when ascension stasis exists: this is the present Super Galactic Cluster(s) + every other lesser order and type of energy-matter AND Singularity dynamic equilibrium interaction within which our galaxy, solar system, planet, self exists. During the maximum exomorphic & maximum endomorphic stage conditions, (transformational moments- Zenith & Nadir stages) there is, in both these moments, no shift- a ‘TRUE’ electro-magnetic spectrum radiation exists. During the Omega Stage during which endomorphic conditions exist a BLUE SHIFT is observable.

This cycle moves in one direction just like our seasons on earth, HOWEVER it operates within an infinite Universe and thus interactions between singularities & Super Galactic Cluster(s) + every other lesser order and type of energy-matter is a constant and infinite series of processes and at anytime conditions can be accelerated or retarded in the same way that bodies acting upon a common gravitational center can have forces applied to them that cause a shift of that center and cause new conditions between them to arise…thus at any time a ‘bump’ can occur re-indexing the cycle at any point- but the cycle will always continue in one direction post such ‘disturbance(s)’.

1. The Universe is a dynamic equilibrium of energy-matter in a multitude of forms neither existing independently of the other.

2. The two fundamental phenomena of energy-matter interactions in the Universe are:

– Singularities and;

– Super Galactic Cluster(s) + every other lesser order and type of energy-matter

3. There is no such thing as a true & real vacuum where nothing exists.

4. The Singularities & Super Galactic Clusters + every other lesser order and type of energy-matter interact infinitely and constantly within one of four stages of a continuous cycle that manifests four distinct and separate conditions:

i) Maximum Endomorphic Condition– (by definition the termination/initiation of cycle). No shift exists. A moment of singularity adiposity and transition between the maximum endomorphic condition and exomorphic conditions.

ii) Exomorphic Condition– during the ascension stasis a RED SHIFT is observed.

iii) Maximum Exomorphic Condition– No shift exists. A moment of inertial exhaustion. Also a transition stage between this condition & endomorphic conditions.

iv) Endomorphic Condition– during this declination stasis a BLUE SHIFT is observed.

5. There is no stand alone Singularities & Super Galactic Cluster(s) + every other lesser order and type of energy-matter. It is a dynamic interaction played out within an infinite Universe where these conditions always exist and there is no place or thing existing that is not a part of this ongoing process. Everything in the Universe is operating under/within one of these four conditions and the cycle has only one order of progression. There is no change in direction of the cycle even in the event of a ‘bump’ (that re-indexes the cycle to a different condition than pre-bump condition)…the cycle will post-bump then continue in the typical cycle order from that newly indexed condition.

6. All energy-matter is undergoing metamorphism under/within these conditions and the changes in form between one energy-matter state and another ALL occur within these conditions:

Moment of singularity adiposity                        1

Ascension                                                    RED SHIFT

Moment of inertial exhaustion                          0

Declination                                                BLUE SHIFT


This doctrine establishes a new context within which to view and understand observable events that, if taken into account, will allow the drawing of Universal Principles that yield truth value. However, the following questions must first be addressed prior to the arising of such principles in any re-investigation into observed & observable phenomena:

  1. What observably true phenomena within the present Alpha ‘ascension stasis’ conditions, (Red Shift observable), is ALSO true within the Omega ‘declination stasis’ conditions;
  2. What observably true phenomena would manifest a change in orientation/ direction, thus indicating an underlying principle that is true but a manifestation of the principle being conditional;
  3. Which fundamental laws we have derived under our present conditions are also true during the extreme conditions found at maximum endomorphic & maximum exomorphic transitional moments.

Re-visiting the elements of the galactic structure under this doctrine:

It has often been postulated that every galaxy has as it’s center a singularity that is responsible for the accretion of energy-matter at it’s center (and within it’s outward spiraling arms- in the instant case of our home the Milky Way), and that is causation for it’s macro-structure.

I do not disagree with this postulate, this doctrine seeks to harmonize such a belief within the context of Universal Events that such elements exist & interact within. I believe this doctrine succeeds at such reconciliation. If we observe two masses operating within the ‘Newtonian Model’ of the Universe and we call to mind Newton’s fundamental three laws of motion:

I. Inertial Conditions: ALL bodies remain ‘at rest’ (no such thing) or at a constant speed in motion in a straight line unless acted upon by a net force.

II. When unlike bodies are subjected to a similar force the body with the smallest mass will accelerate at a higher rate (F=ma)

III. For every action there is an opposite & equal re-action

We observe that both bodies revolve around each other and that they revolve around the COMMON CENTER of mass. We also observe that if the masses did not so influence each other that they would move in a straight line until such force would cause them to depart from that path.

This operates on a Human centric scale where consideration of the origin of the bodies inertia is discounted or attributed ultimately to the Big Bang and/or creation of the Universe.

Specifically, our planet follows an elliptical path around our solar systems, sun- both bodies in essence revolving around a common center of mass that is effected by the other near masses of the other bodies (Planets) present, thereby establishing the net shift of center of mass.

Postulate then that there is a singularity about which our Galaxy has accumulated it certainly exerts a greater influence at it’s core (force inversely proportional to square of distances between bodies) as objects captured in it’s gravitational well rotate they have two other forces that must be considered:

1. The impetus of the inertial condition established at Singularity Adiposity that imparted spin, momentum, initial velocity, ect to these bodies in part and in summa while they accrete AND

2. All other Galactic Super Cluster(s) + every other lesser order and type of energy-matter dynamic equilibrium interaction with Singularities that are present exterior to this galaxy with singularity at center.

So just as our solar system and each body within it, moves on a path that is a sum of forces within, of, and outside each body and as a whole: so too does the interaction of the singularity at center and all energy-matter accreted interact as a body and a whole with each within, of, and exterior to the bodies and the whole…it also has a constant influence exerted by all other Galactic Super Cluster(s) + every other lesser order and type of energy-matter dynamic equilibrium interaction with Singularities that exist exterior.




1. Massive Singularity Capture

a) Singularity is captured by singularity

b) Exomorphic Condition- bump re-indexes cycle at endomorphic condition

c) Inertial Exhaustion- Endomorphic Condition

d) Endomorphic Condition continues

2. Exomorphic Condition Capture

a) Singularity becomes Galactic Center

b) Exomorphic Condition continues

c) Inertial Exhaustion- bump re-indexes cycle at exomorphic condition

d) Endomorphic Condition ceases- bump re-indexes cycle at exomorphic condition

3. Endomorphic Condition Capture

a) Singularity is captured by singularity

b) Exomorphic Condition ceases- bump re-indexes cycle at endomorphic condition

c) Inertial Exhaustion- Endomorphic Condition

d) Endomorphic Condition continues


Etymology of Jesus Name:

In the hebrew language the name Yashua Immanuel Bar Yusuf (aprox. spelling) means:

God’s salvation (God’s Help)/ With us is God/ son of/ Joseph

The Galileans spoke the people’s language of Aramaic rather than the elite scholarly language of hebrew, they were also bilingual and spoke Greek.

The Roman occupiers were familiar with Jesus ‘Greek’ translation of his name- Joshua, which is Ieseus. Thus, when the Romans crucified him they wrote above his head:

Ieseus Nazarene Rex Iuden

Joshua the Nazarene King of the Jews

It is the anglicized version of Ieseus the Greek form of Jesus’ name which yields our translation: Jesus.

This is how we came to know him as his mother named him Joshua- which in hebrew is Yashua, and whose greek form is Ieseus.

In scripture it is revealed that he is the word through which all was brought into being and that word at the beginning is as it is in the end: AMEN.


Liam Brent Kelly Submission of copyright ©July 4th 2012 Submitted ‘PROPOSAL’ Scientific American July 16 2012, Submitted Intro & this for publication July ?  2012.

DOCTRINE: Rejects the overambitious attribution of the RED SHIFT FACTUAL OBSERVANCE as evidence of a BIG BANG

Establishes the Following:

The Nature of the Universe is a dynamic interaction of two phenomena that exist in one stage of a four stage infinite & continuous cycle that is manifest in FOUR DISTINCT AND SEPARATE CONDITIONS

This doctrine rejects both the presumptions that an observed RED SHIFT is evidence of the origin of the UNIVERSE and that seeming necessity for postulating the existence of DARK MATTER & DARK ENERGY

It is an alternative explanation of the RED SHIFT without presuming a CREATION of the UNIVERSE causation


If you like the idea please let me know, and I will provide you with the rounded out version with diagrams and a more ‘artistic’ presentation. I believe that this is not merely the truth and an advancement of our understanding of the Universe but that it reconciles the belief in scientific discovery and faith in GOD which I do not believe could be more timely. I also believe it will generate magazine sales.